Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Blog that will not Die

I can't believe it was back September 2010 when I was outlining my sexual dilemmas since having given up the whoredom. And the issue still drags on!

After the last blog I decided I was desperate. I needed to break my revirginised hymen so I also broke my new moral code and I called on Married Lover/Photographer.

It was beyond ordinary. I don't want to use the word abysmal, but it wasn't far from it.

In the year or so since I'd seen him, Photographer had gained about 50 pounds and he was solid to start with. He had aged about a decade and age had eaten his arse. From behind he had saggy old man butt, like Samanatha saw in Sex in the City episode where she was sleeping with the 70 year old! I mean, yeah, I'm fat, but consistently so. Our combined bulk made some positions impossible this time round!

Worse though he was now self employed and turned up less cultured then I remembered, no corporate suits, and was littering his language with swearwords. All I could think was...he looks like the redneck version of James Packer (yes, that's Packer in the photo in his prime, and now). Actually, over the years we have been shagging I have often wondered if he is a relative of the media baron family cause he sure is a doppelganger. Maybe I have actually been shagging Packer, just with a bad dye job. I've sure been ripped off if I have, since he is not a paying client!

Afterwards I swore that my casual sex days were over. Yeah Riiiiight, I hear you say.

Stay tuned for other adventures.

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