Monday, October 5, 2009

A Scary Story

Another thing I just wanted to's not at all funny and light-hearted like a lot of my client stories. A few weeks ago I decided to let a friend in on my secret double life. The moment felt right. She was totally cool with it, and knows other women doing the same thing. She did tell me a horrible thing though - last year a friend of hers was killed doing exactly what I'm doing.

I pressed for a few details and this girl was acting the same way I was. Middle class educated woman, working privately, using friends for safe calls, screening via the internet, same set up for ringing in and out of jobs, working same "safe" inner city suburbs as me. Her girlfriend was her safe call one day, and when she didn't ring out of a job the girlfriend tried to call her. Still no answer. Called the police who went to the address and found her body.

I wasn't going to post this cause I was worried it reinforces what everyone says about sex work - too dangerous, it'll all end in tears etc. But then I thought if I am writing about all of my great experiences I kinda owed it to readers not to paint it as too glossy and breezy either, especially since I know I have a lot of sex-worker-curious gals who are following this blog and considering working themselves.

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  1. How sad. However, I'm so glad your friend told you that. The problem with so many of the security measures is that they are only good for helping to catch a criminal (which one would hope would deter them from targeting you), but the true psychopaths aren't put off by that.