Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Out" Sex Workers

Stupid timing, but just as I'm getting ready to wrap up the call girl stuff, at least for a while, I finally grew the balls to go and meet an "out" sex worker. As in - everyone knows her job, she declares it on her tax return, has appeared in newspaper articles and online with full name and does a lot of outreach stuff and advocacy to sex workers of all levels - including street workers.

She'd seemed pretty cool on the mailing list I've been lurking around on, and offered a room for rent if I wanted to do incalls at her place, now that I'm not doing them at mine. I saw her set up, and we had breakfast. Fifty bucks an hour to rent a room. Which made my mind churn - wouldn't it be great if I rented a studio apartment and then charged others fifty bucks an hour for rental and watched the dollars roll in. Ha. Nice way to afford a mortgage perhaps. Not just for sex workers, but folks having affairs would be a great target audience!

Perhaps cause I'm so closeted as a sex worker, I was a bit nervous and was a motor mouth over coffee, talking way too much. It really did seem we live in different worlds. She advertises in newspapers, takes phone calls and screens that way. I told her my system of face photos via online ads and email bookings only. She hadn't really considered online stuff, and she asked me if I'd had contact with any of the outreach programs for working girls before I'd made my mind up to start. I said no, cause the web site for those programs was crap, and I didn't really identify with the whole industry.

I told her I'd bought some books online, and got advice from gals that also work online as independent escorts with no contact with the rest of the industry and she was astounded that people would buy some of those books - like

It all struck me as a bit of culture clash - old school whoring vs new school whoring. Interesting, huh?

She did know all about the brothels in the city, all of the insider gossip, all of the who-is-who in the trade, but I wasn't as interested as I thought I'd be.

Though there was a funny moment when I'd told her I'd heard about a BBW only brothel. She looked me up and down and said, "Yes, but you'd be too thin to work there." I didn't know if I should be offended, or take it as a compliment!

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