Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello Readers!

Oh my, it's nice to be wanted. I've noticed some comments bemoaning my lack of posting, and I've had a few emails too. So I thought I'd better pop back in here and update you all on what is going on!

Well...there have been some pretty massive changes in my personal life is the short version. I haven't blogged about it cause it's not related to the sex work. Well, it sort of is, but I still don't want to shout it from the rooftops via a public blog.

It's all very exciting, but it does mean that I'm pretty much done with the escort hobby. Could just be for a few months, could be forever. At this stage I really don't know, since my life is about to change so much.

I'm happy to share a bit more detail if you email me at as long as you tell me a tiny bit about yourself so I know who I'm gossiping with!

That leaves me with thinking about what to do with this blog. I have a couple of questions from readers that I'll blog about soon - some Ask Curvy advice.

After that I could make the blog private and limit it all to just whoever reads now, and thus reveal more personal stuff. But I'm leaning toward leaving it open for anyone to find and read in the future which means I won't really have too much to blog about over the upcoming no sex work months/years/whatever.

Another idea I had was to try and find other contributors. Are there any other plus size sex workers with a fun style of writing? Maybe there could be another Curvy Gal who fills in with some stories for you. It would be a shame to let the blog die.

Over to you for ideas - what kind of stuff would make you keep reading? Do you like the idea of another Curvy Gal if I can find one? Or even just a series of guest posts from other sex workers perhaps telling their funniest client stories?


  1. Ha! Keeping guessing..what about falling madly in love with a client and deciding to give monogamy a go? Or falling madly in love with someone I dated and quitting? Or what about becoming a kept woman - finding a rich client who is putting me up and treating me nice in return for not seeing others? Or what about winning lotto? Or getting a funky STI that means I can't or shouldn't work? Or breaking my lady garden through over use? Ha. Ha. Ha. Maybe I found god and am becoming a nun?

  2. Mega dollars book contract for my blog which means I can't keep writing here? See...there are a million fun ideas I can throw out..

  3. What about both? Ask Curvy and guest Curvy Bloggers. I love reading about all the sex adventures of plus sized gals like me. It gives me hope in a strange way.

  4. awww dont go :( i really enjoy reading your sex positive/fat positive blog :) it's really hard to find decent blogs out there, especially ones that cover both of those topics....your's is the only one i follow

  5. Breaking your lady garden... LMAO. Loves it

  6. I agree with Anonymous, I would love to hear more stories about the sex adventures of fat chicks... it gives me hope, too.

  7. Psst- I emailed you with a different email address than you emailed me with, did it get sent to the spam box by any chance? I was afraid of that happening!

    You could always start a different blog for more personal stuff & turn this into an outlet for plus size sex work, or plus size sexapades.. maybe open it to guest bloggers outside of just the paid work as well, just make it a general plus-size sex-positive blog? Just my idea ^_^

  8. I think if you decide to make it a private blog, I'd love to be invited!