Sunday, August 30, 2009


So the cute IT boy who has become my longest regular - we finally had sex. Almost an entire year of conversation and blow jobs and this past weekend he asked me "to jump on and ride". I'd started to wonder if he was a virgin.

What would a therapist say?

Maybe I secretly want to get sprung by my family. Or maybe I just am a forgetful fool some days. I was up at oh-my-god o'clock and checked my email on a Saturday morning to see a regular client wanted me ASAP. So I was at his house with my mouth around his cock by eight am.

Then off for the day to see my mother. And despite reminding myself not to forget the little packets of lube and condom varieties in my jeans pocket I didn't take them out - and they jumped free while I was getting my car keys out with her. She didn't comment, and I didn't say anything.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bingo Wings

So I just love this film clip - a song about big girls! There is only a tiny bit online for free but I think it's funny and pretty positive.

And if you want to know how it ends - well the hot guy pushes aside the skinny girls and goes for the big, gorgeous blonde gal. And as we say, it fades to black with them "pashing on."

Thursday, August 13, 2009


My last online ad has been a total bust. No bookings. Only one guy who was even a possibility and he didn't fit the four beers or less rule, so I nixed him. I seem to have run into a stream of fuckwits.

The replies started off with a one line enquiry, "Does the BBW girl do natural sex?"

I wrote back "No." I was at least amused by the third person usage.

Two hours later another email that started off okay and when it came to the confirmation there was the sly "I don't do sex with condoms."

I was mad enough to give him a bit of a lecture in return.

Next email was from someone who had an issue with my requirement for a face pic. He wrote a condescending email telling me, "Sorry to have to break this to you, but no man will send you a face pic just to get a bit of fun time with you."

I replied with a snarky, "Yes, they will, and they do. I am the only BBW working in my area and if you want to see me you follow my rules, or you don't see me. So the choice is yours - a face pic, or no booking is possible."

That got rid of him.

The last email of the day was a cute guy who sent a photo of himself and some girl who looked like his wife. Then he requested condom free sex, saying he loved the feel of cuming inside.

I lost the plot, told him he was crazy, risking his wife, me, himself, other partners and generally being an all round douchebag to not think through the consequences.

He replied with, "Well, she's not my wife. If I had a wife I wouldn't need to pay for sex now, would I?"

My answer, "Actually 80% of my clients are married." I love it that these clients reckon they know all about my business!

He needed the last word. "Well, there you go then."

Ha! Can't admit he's wrong, but couldn't let me end the conversation so wimps out with the pouty retort.

It's weeks like this I'm glad I'm not relying on sex work money to pay my rent!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Musing about fuck buddies etc

It never ceases to amaze me just how much variety there is out there in the world of love, friendship, fucking and the rest of it!

About a year ago, just after I'd started whoring, I ran an ad to find some photographers to take some photos for me - kinky, classy, naked, sexy...a whole mix. I didn't tell them I was wanting them to use for paid sex work cause I knew they'd charge a fortune. Instead I offered a kinda quid pro quo making it into a bit of a scene/fantasy with potential for all sorts of fun in return for copyright and professional work.

I booked a penthouse suite, organised three different photographers and had the wildest weekend. One was strictly professional - didn't even seem turned on, just wanted practice with nude models. Some nice arty shots there that really made me see the beauty of a BBW through someone else's eyes. Another was an old guy who kinda enjoyed the kink of a young curvy model rolling around naked but knew I didn't want him to touch me cause the age difference was simply too much.

Third guy was an ex-baseballer turned fashion photographer (for realz) and game for some play. Ended up an amazing photo shoot and then some of the kinkiest, hottest sex. Mmmm..

I've seen him a couple of times over the year since but the sex has been vanilla. He's much too turned on by the idea of me, and kink, and when he arrives we don't actually follow through on our ideas cause he's too quick to fall back on basic sex stuff just to get off. It was getting a bit frustrating really since I rated him only average in bed, and average in looks - and all a bit of a let down from the first time.

Until Friday. He had a spare afternoon, I'd gone home from dayjob early and found an email from him saying he was at a bit of a loose end.

Oh my...he'd got fat, a real case of broad-shouldered, ex-sports star turning to solid beer drinking probably. And he'd grown a beard. He looked like a "man's man" I guess you'd say. Reminded me of an Alaskan fisherman type look. Rugged. Masculine.

Not ever a look I thought I'd be hot for, but given I've mostly slept with geeks, nerds, younger men or corporate types, it suddenly dawned on me how much I did want a grizzly bear in bed, love handles, back hair, beard, grunting and all.

Since we're pretty comfortable in bed these days the conversation flowed, I asked him for what I wanted and we went at it. It was great, and fun, and lighthearted but also very, very hot when I squinted and imagined my Alaskan fantasy. There really is a lot going for a big solid guy I think.

Of course afterwards he ruined it all by talking too much. I'd forgotten that part of the deal. He is a boring, crappy, repetitive, storyteller, obsessed with his own good self and adventures.

I should have warned him the only stories I wanted were about trawlers and big catches and perfect storms.

Made me realise how lucky I am that I can enjoy some time with him, not be married to him, not even be in love with him. For if I was forced to sit across the dinner table with him night after night I'd surely stab myself in the thigh with my fork - just to relieve the boredom.