Thursday, June 4, 2009

Email war

So in response to my latest ad I had a guy who was doing everything right - polite email, sent a face pic etc. I decided he fell way out of my four beers or less rule so I didn't reply. I just thought I didn't need to explain myself so I would just go silent. People do that to me all of the time and I'm sick of being super, super polite and explaining myself to everyone who can tap a keyboard.

A few days later he sent me the dreaded "cock shot". It was massive. Beyond almost anything I'd seen. And his only comment was, "Have you ever played with anything this big?"

I thought I'd take a dignified silence again, not wanting to feed his ego about the impressive penis. Actually, it looked so big I think it would be a hindrance in most sex acts!

Then I decided that if I was silent he may interpret that as being in awe of his cock. And I wanted to take him down a peg or two. After all, how stupid is someone to send a photo of their bits to a whore? Yawn.

My reply (and yes, I lied):

Yes I have played with something that big. And sending a cock shot to a working girl doesn't really provide much in the way of interest or excitement anyhow. Would a mechanic get turned on by getting a photo of an engine that needs work? Hardly. We're a service profession - not some casual encounters section. And even in an unpaid hookup I doubt you'll have much luck if the best thing you can offer is a big dick. I'm not sure if you've figured out yet that size really isn't everything but let me assure you it's true!

Best of luck to you and your penis.

I haven't had an email back to I'm going to take that as Curvy Girl - 1, Well Hung Moron - 0!


  1. You are awesome. He's probably reading that email over and over again with a confused look on his face trying to figure out what it all means.

  2. Don't you just hate the cock shots? I get one a week, minimum, and I'm thinking "So, I have one too." And why can't people just leave well enough alone? Great reply, though.

  3. You just know he's the type to unfurl that thing and lay back, thinking he's done his part.

  4. It's true... it isn't the size, it's how it's used. I speak from experience... I just wish guys would realize this.