Thursday, June 25, 2009

Client #17 - Foot Fetish

Another client who responded to my new ridiculous high rates. He booked, sent a photo, confirmed on time. All things that mean someone is serious. Told me he had a foot fetish and requested me get a pedicure on the day of the booking.

I turned up in nice strappy shoes, expecting my feet to be the sole focus of our appointment, but boy was I wrong. I'll even admit to being a little disappointed. I was hoping to just lay back while he worshipped. But this was a client who was totally going to get his girlfriend experience. We started off with lots of kissing - slow, lover-style kissing. And I gotta say..when you are launched into this minutes after meeting someone its kinda awkward. My mind was thinking..... hmmm, he's not a bad kisser and just kinda going with it. My body was all like "What the FUCK - who is this idiot who is acting like he's in love with you?" It is much easier if clients don't like to kiss cause at least you can keep your distance! Or if there is some getting to know you stuff first.

Then it was into the shower for a romantic shower for two. Then in a break from what I'd been expecting it became very energetic fucking in odd positions in bed. I was annoyed. Sure he'd looked at my feet and kissed them and placed them on his penis for a minute, but the jack rabbit behaviour is so boring.

I hope you are listening male readers of this blog - do not act like a humping dog on speed. Fast, shallow, repetitive penetration really does nothing for most girls. At the very least you should have a girl totally wet and turned on and close to orgasm before trying this. And turning her over and over into a gazillion positions to repeat the hammering is also not that hot by itself. I have at times enjoyed it - but usually if it's part of a bit of role play or with a bit of arse slapping or something extra thrown in where I'm getting some turn on factor from being submissive or used.

Anyway, I went with it but had to try not to laugh when at one point he asked me if I'd orgasmed. I mean HELLO. How do you get to be the sensual type of guy with great kissing and coupled up shower skills, but clueless bout the cause of orgasms?! Namely...consistent stimulation of the clit.

So I put on a show for him, orgasmed and then he did and then we fell into spooning and more true GFE behaviour - kissing after sex, stroking. Again, would have been great if I'd liked the guy. But I didn't even know him.

Then in the topsy-turvy world of callgirls, I *did* get to know him. We spent half an hour chatting. And he was a fascinating guy. I really clicked with him. I was almost late calling Bell - five minutes more and she would have called the cops. Ooops. All because we were chatting! In another life I would have seen us as friends. He felt something even more though and asked me out - not as a call girl, but to date. He's single and wanting to settle down and loved a bunch of different things about me - above and beyond the breasts and such he swore.

Of course I'm not silly enough to date a client so I gave him an option - continue to pay me as an escort OR try friendship but it means he never touches me again. To my surprise he picked friendship.

I think it was heat of the moment though that I even gave him the choice. He doesn't even know my real name for goodness sake - how does a friendship spring from that? I've never given that option to anyone before and I've thought better of it - I've taken back my choice - he can pay if he wants to see me.


  1. I have to admit that for the longest time, I didn't like sex. I honestly didn't see what the big deal was. And with a lot of guys, it just plain hurt. I had probably had more than 10 partners, including my first husband, before I realized that they were all using this jackhammering style. It wasn't until we began swinging and meeting couples on that I realized what the big deal was about sex. The marriage ended (not because of sex) but I have since found what had been missing in my life!

  2. So what do most women like? I enjoy hard and fast, what is it that you ladies are talking about?

  3. to anonymous... if you enjoy hard and fast then go find someone else who also enjoys that. all women are individuals with individual likes and dislikes. saying 'most women like lovemaking' is like saying 'most women have blue eyes.' sure that will be a true statement for some women... and totally off-base for others.

  4. That's weird that he says he has a foot fetish and paid almost no attention to your feet. My last two boyfriends had foot fetishes and they just went apeshit over those wiggling toes! I've never heard of only a "slight" foot fetish. Maybe he got embarrassed about it because so many people think it's weird?