Monday, June 1, 2009

#6 Again

So I actually went through with a booking. Yay. With #6 again - shy IT dude. I've seen him three times now I think and every now and then swap an email. Totally no hassle client. Still trying to work out why he doesn't have a girlfriend and I'm wondering if there is some issue with penetration in sex? For every time I see him it tends to just be kissing, touching, maybe a bit of oral sex and nothing else. Such a shame cause he really does have one of those great "growing" penii that goes from nothing to lovely and thick and hard and would be fun to fuck.

Or maybe he is lying (as House says, "Everybody lies") and he does have a girlfriend who just isn't into oral stuff? Mmmm...

It was only a half hour booking with a fair amount of chatting again - true GFE. It was in the middle of the day and I was early so I curled up barefoot in a park near his house reading a book for a while first, enjoying lunchtime sun. Not a bad way to earn a living when my half hour rate equals more than the minimum daily wage rate in my country. I'm so comfortable with him now that he pays at the end of the session too now rather than upfront.

I guess that's the rub through with this line of work (pun intended) - getting enough clients to have at least one half hour booking a day! Not exactly a great idea for full time work methinks.

Well I'm kinda ambivalent about getting back on the horse in the end. It was fun to see a client after a few months off -I had an orgasm, the extra pocket money was good, but not sure yet if I want to see new clients.

I did turn down an overnight booking on the weekend. I think I just wasn't motivated enough to bother with being a companion to someone in public and have dinner and all of that - he looked like he may lack social skills and that is not a good thing to have to cope with in a restaurant. Much easier to fuck'n'go sometimes!


  1. I read a survey recently that said IT guys are the best in bed. More caring about their partner's orgasms and willing to use toys. Maybe you could have him bring a cock ring next time to "try something new."

    Might get him in the mood for what you want. Might work.

  2. Thanks for the the suggestion. The other thing is that since he is the client and I do what *he* likes, maybe I just go get another client who does like the fucking LOL. It's funny though how many actually prefer other stuff!

  3. One thing I've learned about guys though, is that if you find one who likes what you like, you better be prepared to get it a lot! Especially if you're good at it ;)

  4. 'Everybody lies' ... reminds me of a line from a Morrissey song.

    What is GFE?

    It is so rad hearing about your end of this business.

  5. Well I'm glad you had a good time :) I would say, re: new clients, definitely don't rush yourself at the moment. If/when you're comfortable again you can start taking on new clients, yes? (Er, not that you need me telling you this, obviously, lol.)

    Mark, GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience.

  6. I'm so glad you're posting again! I'd missed this blog.

  7. Something about the way you analyze things and communicate on this blog makes you seem so cool. I really like reading your stuff, and no matter what you decide to do I wish you the best.