Friday, June 26, 2009

Ask Curvy

So someone in the comment asked what girls like for sex if it's not jackhammer behaviour....I thought I'd throw it over to you dear readers to help out the men folk of the blog!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Consequences of Sex Work

Oh drat and darn it. I really can't just do casual sex anymore! I know I've mentioned it before but it's got a little bit worse - I can't even do the "passionate mistress" role anymore. I'm getting too good at faking stuff in the bedroom, and pleasing others and letting them think whatever they like regardless of truth. And with a bit of reflection it's become obvious to me that even the men I had been sleeping with on a casual basis were probably doing the same thing. Pretending whatever it is they thought I wanted, just to get a shag!

A case study. This guy that I had one of the hottest affairs of my life with last year...just before I started the paid work...well I'm back in his part of the world. Now we've kept in touch for an entire year - chatty emails, sexy emails, funny emails, boring emails about our families. At one stage I was prepared to fly to stay near him for a few weeks while he split his time between his wife and me. Oh, I know...all so shady. Yes, I used to sleep with married men even before money came into it. I called it off cause I was in danger of falling for him.

Anyhow, it all faded until I discovered I really would be back in his state. I was all up for a continued affair on a more controlled basis - only a few days so I wouldn't fall for him...but an affair that was to including the laughing, spooning, connection stuff that made us more than just a quick fuck in the first place. The Holy Grail of passionate-oh-why-can't-this-last-forever-hunger-for-another.

Except...his life has changed and now he wanted to come and hang around with me during the day *with his baby*. Ouch. Way to remind a girl she's the mistress. Bring your own flesh and blood to hang out with us. What was I going to pretend families? I'll admit, I'm kid crazy so I said I'd love to meet his child, but it would mean no sex...the thought of me as the other woman touching his wife's baby was just a bit too much for me! But we could meet for a coffee and catch up.

Well that idea didn't go down well. My first true sign that no matter how I rationalise our connection and time together, for him it's just sex. If it was more than sex he'd be glad to at least chat over drinks. And let's be honest. If he'd proved he was at all a little interested in just the chatting date I bet I would have melted on sight anyhow and he would have got lucky. I guess it was kind of a test to see how much he wanted the whole person that is me.

His solution...he'll make up excuses for his wife and come over for a quick visit at night instead. That was the final straw for me. At most that would mean what, one or two hours together? What a stinging blow. After a year apart and a ten hour flight our long-lusted-after affair would come down to nothing more than the same thing I give paid clients - an hour or so of the girlfriend experience???

No thanks.

Sigh. Looks like there is no middle ground for me. I'm going to have to find myself a single, available person to date and really fall for and connect with - with a view to a relationship, OR I'm going to just have to have my paid clients. None of this pseudo inbetween stuff.

Client #17 - Foot Fetish

Another client who responded to my new ridiculous high rates. He booked, sent a photo, confirmed on time. All things that mean someone is serious. Told me he had a foot fetish and requested me get a pedicure on the day of the booking.

I turned up in nice strappy shoes, expecting my feet to be the sole focus of our appointment, but boy was I wrong. I'll even admit to being a little disappointed. I was hoping to just lay back while he worshipped. But this was a client who was totally going to get his girlfriend experience. We started off with lots of kissing - slow, lover-style kissing. And I gotta say..when you are launched into this minutes after meeting someone its kinda awkward. My mind was thinking..... hmmm, he's not a bad kisser and just kinda going with it. My body was all like "What the FUCK - who is this idiot who is acting like he's in love with you?" It is much easier if clients don't like to kiss cause at least you can keep your distance! Or if there is some getting to know you stuff first.

Then it was into the shower for a romantic shower for two. Then in a break from what I'd been expecting it became very energetic fucking in odd positions in bed. I was annoyed. Sure he'd looked at my feet and kissed them and placed them on his penis for a minute, but the jack rabbit behaviour is so boring.

I hope you are listening male readers of this blog - do not act like a humping dog on speed. Fast, shallow, repetitive penetration really does nothing for most girls. At the very least you should have a girl totally wet and turned on and close to orgasm before trying this. And turning her over and over into a gazillion positions to repeat the hammering is also not that hot by itself. I have at times enjoyed it - but usually if it's part of a bit of role play or with a bit of arse slapping or something extra thrown in where I'm getting some turn on factor from being submissive or used.

Anyway, I went with it but had to try not to laugh when at one point he asked me if I'd orgasmed. I mean HELLO. How do you get to be the sensual type of guy with great kissing and coupled up shower skills, but clueless bout the cause of orgasms?! Namely...consistent stimulation of the clit.

So I put on a show for him, orgasmed and then he did and then we fell into spooning and more true GFE behaviour - kissing after sex, stroking. Again, would have been great if I'd liked the guy. But I didn't even know him.

Then in the topsy-turvy world of callgirls, I *did* get to know him. We spent half an hour chatting. And he was a fascinating guy. I really clicked with him. I was almost late calling Bell - five minutes more and she would have called the cops. Ooops. All because we were chatting! In another life I would have seen us as friends. He felt something even more though and asked me out - not as a call girl, but to date. He's single and wanting to settle down and loved a bunch of different things about me - above and beyond the breasts and such he swore.

Of course I'm not silly enough to date a client so I gave him an option - continue to pay me as an escort OR try friendship but it means he never touches me again. To my surprise he picked friendship.

I think it was heat of the moment though that I even gave him the choice. He doesn't even know my real name for goodness sake - how does a friendship spring from that? I've never given that option to anyone before and I've thought better of it - I've taken back my choice - he can pay if he wants to see me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So I had a client who requested me have freshly pedicured feet. I'd been meaning to get a pedicure for a while so was happy to oblige. I realised when I got to the salon I should have asked him for a colour recommendation - how to pick a colour to make him happy, or at least not offend?

I went for a pearly pale colour that changed with the light.

The salon owner who did my feet complimented me. He'd dragged out the razor to give all the dead skin a trim, only to find I had hardly any.

"Your feet are beautiful," he said.

Little did he know that in a few hours time, after paying him $35 for the pedicure, I'd be getting exactly ten times that amount to have another man say exactly the same thing to me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Woot - An Award of Sorts

I got the "Brilliant" Nod from The Toy over at Wanted: Perfect Screw for my post on the Email War.

Check it out, and his blog, here:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Client #16 - a boy to break your heart

I have finally seen a new client! After I put my latest ad up I wasn't sure if I wanted to actually take any bookings or if I was just mucking around. So I took the passive aggressive way out and replied with such inflated rates and strict requirements I thought I'd get no takers. Instead, a gorgeous, young, polite boy replied and booked me for two hours! A combination of the stupid amount of money, plus his great photo and writing and I was super keen to see him.

He'd requested me dress in business attire ,and since I felt like giving him the time of his life I actually went out to the sales and bought a black skirt and ruffled, stripped business shirt. It was great fun buying corporate wear after so long out of a corporate office. Quite funny that my wardrobe is totally casual - except for the sexy costumes and fetish wear I use with clients. Nothing in between. I admit it did give me a bit of thrill too - knowing I'd be wearing it later that night in my "double life" as such. The day just seems to have so much more spark to it when I'm about to visit someone.

I was a little nervous about visiting him at home, since he was way, way, deep in the suburbs. But I gave Bell all of his info, even his photo, and did the usual safety stuff like insisting on seeing every room of his house before we exchanged money etc etc - there were no football players hiding in cupboards or anything. Whew.

Now...onto the details. The boy was tall. 22 years old. Geeky. Overweight - a BHM I guess you'd say. But since I quite like my guys cuddly I thought he was near perfect. Dark horn-rimmed glasses and a passion for sci-fi? Jackpot.

The trouble was though he was just too nervous. And self-conscious about his weight, and lack of experience. It reminded me of myself at a similar age. I tried my very best to be sexy and reassuring, and take the lead - but it was just terrible. You know how when two people with Tourettes get together they can make each other's ticks and cussing worse? Well, two fat, sci fi geeks together just seemed to throw me back to his age and I lost a lot of my sexual vibe. I tried and tried and tried to get him to relax and open up. In the end I did convince him to masturbate so he would cum. And I masturbated for him.

Then we fell into conversation. And he revealed probably far too much for his own comfort. Lack of girlfriends, lack of experience, lack of confidence, suicide attempts, despair at the stupidity of the world. I thought he had a marvellously black sense of humour and suspect he is super, super smart. I just held him at let him talk. In return I revealed far too much about my awkward young adult years too - very similar stories, minus the suicide attempts for me.

I think the similarities are what is making him so hard to forget. His loneliness and isolation. I tried to just spoon with him and stroke him and say all of the things I wish I could have said to a younger self. That life gets better, that everybody is lovable no matter their shape, and that it will work out in the end. It was just heart wrenching.

After more talking than sex, he let me go a little early so I would make it home before it was too late at night. And he walked me to my car and kissed me at the door to make sure I left safely since it was a slightly seedy neighbourhood. So thoughtful - I just know he's a perfect match for some lovely, chubby, girl somewhere.

Four days later and I'm still mulling over the experience. Even sent him a quick email reinforcing some of the stuff I'd said, including that I was glad he hadn't succeeded in the the suicide attempt, for the world would be a poorer place without him. He replied thanking me for being so kind.

I take a couple of life lessons from it all. The main one being that unless you can convince your self you're okay, then you won't be. It's totally perception and no one can change it for you. I've also learnt that men suffer just as much as women with the whole size and body issue thing. And it's no less painful to be an overweight guy than a fat girl. That was eye-opening.

Oh...and I also figure there is some truth in the stereotype of the whore with the heart of gold. This guy really did affect me, and I truly hope I've helped him at least a little - even if it was just a few hours of comfort on a cold Friday night.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Email war

So in response to my latest ad I had a guy who was doing everything right - polite email, sent a face pic etc. I decided he fell way out of my four beers or less rule so I didn't reply. I just thought I didn't need to explain myself so I would just go silent. People do that to me all of the time and I'm sick of being super, super polite and explaining myself to everyone who can tap a keyboard.

A few days later he sent me the dreaded "cock shot". It was massive. Beyond almost anything I'd seen. And his only comment was, "Have you ever played with anything this big?"

I thought I'd take a dignified silence again, not wanting to feed his ego about the impressive penis. Actually, it looked so big I think it would be a hindrance in most sex acts!

Then I decided that if I was silent he may interpret that as being in awe of his cock. And I wanted to take him down a peg or two. After all, how stupid is someone to send a photo of their bits to a whore? Yawn.

My reply (and yes, I lied):

Yes I have played with something that big. And sending a cock shot to a working girl doesn't really provide much in the way of interest or excitement anyhow. Would a mechanic get turned on by getting a photo of an engine that needs work? Hardly. We're a service profession - not some casual encounters section. And even in an unpaid hookup I doubt you'll have much luck if the best thing you can offer is a big dick. I'm not sure if you've figured out yet that size really isn't everything but let me assure you it's true!

Best of luck to you and your penis.

I haven't had an email back to I'm going to take that as Curvy Girl - 1, Well Hung Moron - 0!

Monday, June 1, 2009

International Whore's Day

It's International Whore's Day on June 2, or so I've heard. So love a whore today!!


#6 Again

So I actually went through with a booking. Yay. With #6 again - shy IT dude. I've seen him three times now I think and every now and then swap an email. Totally no hassle client. Still trying to work out why he doesn't have a girlfriend and I'm wondering if there is some issue with penetration in sex? For every time I see him it tends to just be kissing, touching, maybe a bit of oral sex and nothing else. Such a shame cause he really does have one of those great "growing" penii that goes from nothing to lovely and thick and hard and would be fun to fuck.

Or maybe he is lying (as House says, "Everybody lies") and he does have a girlfriend who just isn't into oral stuff? Mmmm...

It was only a half hour booking with a fair amount of chatting again - true GFE. It was in the middle of the day and I was early so I curled up barefoot in a park near his house reading a book for a while first, enjoying lunchtime sun. Not a bad way to earn a living when my half hour rate equals more than the minimum daily wage rate in my country. I'm so comfortable with him now that he pays at the end of the session too now rather than upfront.

I guess that's the rub through with this line of work (pun intended) - getting enough clients to have at least one half hour booking a day! Not exactly a great idea for full time work methinks.

Well I'm kinda ambivalent about getting back on the horse in the end. It was fun to see a client after a few months off -I had an orgasm, the extra pocket money was good, but not sure yet if I want to see new clients.

I did turn down an overnight booking on the weekend. I think I just wasn't motivated enough to bother with being a companion to someone in public and have dinner and all of that - he looked like he may lack social skills and that is not a good thing to have to cope with in a restaurant. Much easier to fuck'n'go sometimes!