Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Never say die?

Oh dear. Just after I tell you all I'm ready to quit I start to wonder. See I finally did join the whore's union I was telling you about ages ago. And it took them a while to process the application and then my handwriting was messy and they called me to get my details!

I was at dayjob so was very quick to say I couldn't talk. So we had an email conversation - lovely admin guy and officially the first ever other sex worker I've spoken to in person who also knows I'm a sex worker. I was a bit freaked out, like maybe a scarlet letter was going to appear mid-forehead and mark me forever to the general public. Nothing like that happened of course, and now I'm on the mailing list.

Reading the list made me miss the excitement so...I emailed a couple of my old clients who I thought I could see again. And if all goes well I have a booking tomorrow! The good news is I have firm opinions of which clients I don't want anything to do with and which ones I'd see again - so far the new, higher standards are holding!

I also placed a new ad with all my new rules - extra money, no incalls and the like and I've got a few potentials lined up. Not sure if I want new clients yet, but if I do enjoy work tomorrow then maybe I'll get back into it...."real life" is just so freaking dull sometimes you know!?

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  1. Reading your journal, I don't know what to make of you. I find your entries very interesting, and will keep reading ... thanks for posting.