Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A quick story I thought I'd share with you..

One of the clients I contacted is the guy I met in a hotel for ten minutes of boob play - and walking out of his hotel I fell and did my ankle. I thought at the time he was super hot. So hot and fun I was at a bit of a loss to why he was paying for ten minutes with me when he could have had so much more - and for free lol.

It turns out that I'm no longer suitable for him. He's on a quest to find even bigger breasts to play with and titty fuck, and as awesome as mine were, they are no longer enough, he says.

I was shocked. No one has ever thought my F cup plus breasts too small! Then I had a bit of a giggle. It's nice to know I'm the benchmark standard for his new search - he is yet to find bigger.

I also thought it a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of actually dating a fetishist or maybe one of the "BBW-only" boys we mentioned a few posts ago. Being totally defined by a physical attribute means you're sure to get rejected if you change - or they want more!

Has anyone dated a true fetishist? I'm thinking it would involve lots of negotiation to work. Say with Mr Boobs here - you could marry him but you'd have to allow him to wander off to search to fulfill his fetish otherwise I doubt he'd stay in the relationship. Either that or he'd lie. I wonder how many people have married guys with obsessions and just never knew what they *really* wanted? Has anyone got any stories to share?


  1. See ... this is sooo intriguing to me!

  2. I had a longish relationship with a guy who never had sex with me. He liked holding my belly and spanking me, among other things. When I got tired of that, we were done. And I had lost some weight at that time, so he was "bored" with the thinner version of me.

  3. I dated this guy and after I started losing weight he told me if I lost any more weight he was gonna break up with me cause it was getting hard for him to get off now that I was smaller.

  4. there are all kinds of fetishists. and i am married to one. very happily so. and i have no fear of his wandering eye (or other random body parts!) b/c we share the same kinks. now, i will say that ours are not really physical fetishes... so that does make it a bit different. but i also think that it's more about dating respectful and thoughtful fetishists really. (as i'd like to think we both are) if for some reason i decided that bdsm was no longer my cup of tea, we would have to figure out a way for him to get his fetish fix that we were both happy about. perhaps i'd just do it anyhow b/c it's not like i don't have the skills. or perhaps i'd send him off to a pro or lifestyle domme w/the understanding that there would be certain limits. but it absolutely can work to be someone's fetish. i'm my husband's and he is mine. you just have to communicate... and being madly in love doesn't hurt!