Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No sexing for AGES!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much of late. My new rules have lead to no sexing. One guy was all cool with the new rules and willing to host, and pay my new rate and sounded quite nice. But his photo was borderline on the four-beers rule, so I didn't accept.

Another regular set up an appointment but then had to cancel so I've not seen him. Yet another regular acted like a toss pot. I told him that my breasts are quite sensitive this week and so could only see him if he could respect that and be gentle and he came back with some one handed texting along the lines of "Hey babz could u cum if I just squeezed and bit ur nipples".

EWWW. I just told him they were sensitive and he took that to mean more fun for him and not more concern for my wishes. I gave him a bit of a lecture about respect and don't care if I never hear from him again. He's the guy who has been getting off just on emails anyhow so good riddance then.

And SplenDaddy! Well despite me telling him several times now to disappear from my life, or step up and have a more rounded adult relationship - he continues to be a fuckwit of the biggest proportions. Emails me with offers of trips to Singapore, or other cities in my country to go with him for travel. He wants everything just the way it was when we first met. He's thick. I just delete his emails. I love it how he just ignores my ultimatum and hopes through persistance I'll change my mind. Hey, I'd love to see Singapore for free. But not *that* much.

So if this trend of less sex work keeps going I'm just going to blog about random sexytime thoughts and opinions. If you want to know my opinion on anything or have a suggestion for a blog post or rant then let me know!

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  1. Truth be told I dont read this blog of yours to read about your trails and troubles with splendaddy or with random people that should rather be tossing than having contact with a woman [except their mothers] because of bad manners and disrespectful acts to you. I read this blog to know more about you.

    So if you blog about your feelings on anything , from bra's to Bush it's fine I will continue to read. So don't stop blogging and blog more often please.