Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best Sex Bloggers

In exciting news I'm the featured blogger over at Best Sex Bloggers this week. It's a great site worth dipping into every now and then to see what fun things have turned up. I was asked to write a post that doesn't appear on this blog, so if you want an extra dose of Curvy you'll have to run across to read it!

And welcome to those readers who have found me though that site too!

Update on the flatmate

Well, she moved out. She was only staying short term. So I don't know what her final decision was but she told me she wasn't going to strip. Then I overheard her talking to someone else about how she was going to do it.

Ah well. I did try and help her come to an educated decision.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I need advice for a flatmate

So my 21-year-old, ex-model flatmate is thinking she might work as a stripper. She's going to the most exclusive place in town I think to chat about it and so far the conditions and wages seem pretty good.

She asked me for advice. I tried telling her some of my struggles with sex work - sometimes it hurts "just to be a body" and not a full person to these men. Sometimes it's tempting to do more than you plan on doing just for the money! And that it's hard to figure out if going forward you'll want to tell people about this part of your life and you may be creating a skeleton in your own closet to last a lifetime.

She wants to do it for university fees - the usual story. Just "one shift" a week and she's fine. She wouldn't tell anyone and would get some other McJob as a cover too. This is her plan. I tried to tell her that the money can become addictive and she may want to do more than one shift and get sucked in that way!

I have my doubts. I think she's young, not mature enough to cope and without a full understanding of sexuality. She's slept with two guys and is pretty messed up about dating and sex and the like and has also had close calls with too many drugs in the past I gather. These are warning signs to me.

But I don't really know enough to advise to you readers? What should I tell her?



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No sexing for AGES!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much of late. My new rules have lead to no sexing. One guy was all cool with the new rules and willing to host, and pay my new rate and sounded quite nice. But his photo was borderline on the four-beers rule, so I didn't accept.

Another regular set up an appointment but then had to cancel so I've not seen him. Yet another regular acted like a toss pot. I told him that my breasts are quite sensitive this week and so could only see him if he could respect that and be gentle and he came back with some one handed texting along the lines of "Hey babz could u cum if I just squeezed and bit ur nipples".

EWWW. I just told him they were sensitive and he took that to mean more fun for him and not more concern for my wishes. I gave him a bit of a lecture about respect and don't care if I never hear from him again. He's the guy who has been getting off just on emails anyhow so good riddance then.

And SplenDaddy! Well despite me telling him several times now to disappear from my life, or step up and have a more rounded adult relationship - he continues to be a fuckwit of the biggest proportions. Emails me with offers of trips to Singapore, or other cities in my country to go with him for travel. He wants everything just the way it was when we first met. He's thick. I just delete his emails. I love it how he just ignores my ultimatum and hopes through persistance I'll change my mind. Hey, I'd love to see Singapore for free. But not *that* much.

So if this trend of less sex work keeps going I'm just going to blog about random sexytime thoughts and opinions. If you want to know my opinion on anything or have a suggestion for a blog post or rant then let me know!

The value of new pussy

If you ever need proof that men think with their penii - no matter their religion, wealth or length of marriage - then look at Mel Gibson. A divorce to cost him close to half a BILLION dollars - just so he can chase some blonde.

WOW! I think there is a lesson in that for anyone in a long term relationship. Communicate and set up plans about what you will do if/when the lust dies, you grow apart, have fetishes the other partner can't tolerate blah blah.

In an ideal world Mel would have set up a marriage where he could have just shagged the chick without the divorce. Shame.

Mind you - maybe he's just a prick and his wife wanted him gone. Either way I don't heart monogamy.