Monday, March 16, 2009

Whore's Revenge

Oh I am naughty. Dr Spermies (#13) was pushing to see me and I wasn't really in the mood as per my last blog, I've just been kinda chilling out and reconsidering things. I also had a cold so knew I shouldn't pass on my plague. But he kept wanting to see me so in the end I did - cold virus and all. I just thought he deserved it - it won't kill him but will remind him every day of me while he sneezes.

I know it was bad behaviour - but he also did one of the most shocking bits of bad behaviour I've seen. His wife called in the middle of our session (he'd told me his was single at first too mind you!) and the way he talked to her was simply horrid. She was wondering why he was late coming home from his business meeting and he tried to manipulate the call to say he'd *always* said 8pm and not 6pm and he'd promised to call her and she's was confused and he couldn't talk now but would call later. Somewhat protesting the wife was sorta pushed off the phone call.

Then he turned to me and grinned at his deception. "Stupid woman", he said.

Gawed. Some of the guys are true bastards. Not all of them, but that was one of the first time in this experiment I wanted to take the woman's side and tell him what a fuckwit he was. I hope she doesn't get my cold - as I said, the last time we'd seen each other he'd mentioned his single life.

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