Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sex Work as a Career

So I've discovered the coolest thing. I went along to a feminist, alternative, kinda punk, SF Mission district-esque strip show. And they had a booth for the Sex Worker Union in my area. Our own union. I was too scared to approach so Bell went and grabbed the forms and newsletters and magazines for me. I read through them all, eyes bulging. It seems like so much fun.

The union hosts dinners, and talks and get togethers. It's all very above board. They have an arts troupe that perform and education classes you can do - like how to be a sex worker for someone with a disability.

Bell thought the best thing was you could join as a supporter only. $25 and you get the title "Honorary Whore". She looked at me with a glint in her eye, "Yes, but what's the process if I ever want to upgrade to the real membership?"

Hmmm..maybe I'm starting to corrupt my friends.

The even better news about this union? I went to their web site and have these great career paths. Paid jobs helping out sex workers in third world countries. Activism work. Legal work. Admin work. Overseas postings to government funded projects. Some of it work from home, and designed to fit in with sex work. Actually, all of the jobs have as a pre-requisite that you have experience as a sex worker!!!

I'm going to join and maybe start sussing out some of the things I can get involved in. Who knows but long term maybe I could use all of my realjob experience, with my sex work street cred and land one of those great career jobs?

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