Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I want to keep SplenDaddy

So with the comments running at something like 4 to 1 against I have found a few other useful reasons to keep SplenDaddy..

1) Twice now I have been set to do client bookings with guys I wasn't really into. They were okay, I was in the mood for sex, but not excited by the client. So I have used SplenDaddy to fuck me, thus giving me the excuse of "oh, I've had an orgasm already now" and then I can turn down the client and feel already sexually satisfied. Hmm...that move does cost me money but I'm not really into this whole escort thing just for cash. He's like my sexual scapegoat.

2) I wrote him an email saying I'd like a bit more affection or cuddling and he immediately stepped up the game. I guess he's becoming more like a real lover.

3) Best sex ever. My nurse uniform arrived, he ordered me to wait downstairs in my lunchtime, picked me up, drove me home - explaining his plan. He tied me up, in a position where I was fully exposed for his cock. He fucked me senseless while talking dirty and making me beg for his cock. Grabbed the lube, pretty much fisted me while calling me names and then when I was just begging and begging for him to cum ( since I love watching it) he came all over me and rubbed it in. Then told me to get dressed and dropped me back at work. Oh, yes, and he did have a quick shower. My total fantasy played out and it was better than I'd thought.

4) Jewellery from a business trip overseas. I'm shallow.

1 comment:

  1. Oy vey. #1 seals it for me as a "don't sleep w/ him anymore" kind of thing. If you're gonna hook, make money from it.

    Jewelry is great (if you're into that), but resale values are crap, especially in this piss poor economy (though if you need a really cool ring, I have a tsavorite and black opal in platinum one for sale he can buy for you, lol).

    Additionally, you mentioned earlier in the blog you had some definitive financial goals that you wanted being a sex worker to provide. If you're ditching work to sleep w/ a guy who is a john but isn't a john, you're hurting the viability of those goals.

    You're also beginning to formulate some sort of odd relationship with him. While it's nice to have a fall back guy of sorts, in this instance it's only beneficial to you if you're profiting from it. It's *not* beneficial to you to be allowing either of you to develop feelings for each other if he's not going to be a real sugar daddy. And if he *is* going to be a real SD, then by definition you should require money from other clients.

    You see where I'm going w/ this, I'm sure...