Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sugar Daddy Snapshots

I got back late last night from the airport and have now had time to ruminate on the last few days with Sugar Daddy #1.

It was a fabulous escape from my real life, but not a great financial move - that's my potted summary.

He isn't really a sugar daddy. He *is* kind and sweet and generous in his own way - and from his point of view he was spoiling me rotten. Airfares, taxi fares, dinners all paid for. I was in his executive suite and enjoyed access to the executive lounges for cocktails and breakfasts and snacks and magazines and what not, and he bought me whatever I wanted to drink after work too - along with thoughtful touches like putting a fruit bowl in the room for me!

He wanted to really care for me and kept double checking our dinner choice was okay, or if I wanted a cup of tea before bed, or some water, or a shower. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the attention and said yes to whatever I thought would please him most. But I got over that. I think he's just slightly neurotic and analytical in all things.

The places we went to at night weren't cheap. But he didn't actually hand over any cash as spending money. I had asked for that in early email negotiations but he either chose to ignore it, or didn't think it necessary with all of the other treats.

The thing is - I know most of his expenses go through his company so I think handing over pocket money shouldn't be an issue since that is really the only true cost to him.

The kicker is that he doesn't know I'm a part time escort who normally gets tonnes of money per hour. I just knew when I met him that he wanted the "normal gal". And a normal gal would be pretty pleased with the deal as it is. What a Catch 22. Tell him about my other life and I bet I'd lose him. But to keep up this deal I'm going to have to just be almost totally my real self. Which could be a bit dangerous if I start to actually like him or something.

The upshot is - I've decided to keep seeing him because I am getting something out of the deal too. Forced relaxation and lovely adventures for starters. All for free. Plus I'm using him for my own sexual needs.

Would you believe I've never tasted cum before? And that I've always had the fantasy of being anti-feminist in the bedroom. Like - this scene: He's watching porn. I'm half naked in kink gear, I kneel before him and give him a head job, while he watches the porn and kinda ignores me. And he blows in my mouth and I swallow.

Well - lets just say when I suggested this he was certainly keen! So, in a way, he's satisfying my fantasies too. Plus once we got to know each other he started to spoon me each night, or have me in the crook of his arm. And it was lovely. It's been a long long time since I've done something so innocent.

So I guess it almost approaches an equal relationship then - each using the other!! He took great pleasure in taking me out in a cocktail dress to a restaurant he normally eats at alone and where they know him. And I'm sure many of the other single men travelling on business and eating alone were watching us. They may have thought I was a whore (my dress was maybe a touch too booby in retrospect) or they may just have been jealous of our laughter.

But I can't keep calling him SugarDaddy. I've had my first email from a REAL SugarDaddy at another website - one that makes my guy seems like small fry.

So what can I call him? Names I've come up with (Bell and my other friend Sean helped):

  • Nutrasweet Daddy - not quite as tasty as the real thing.
  • SugarDaddyZero - Like CokeZero - again, missing some of the real sugar.
  • Sugar Uncle - he's kindly and sweet, but doesn't have as much power as a Daddy.

Would love to hear your suggestions!


  1. Just found your site from BFDBlog and like what I've read so far!

    I'd vote for NutraSweet Daddy, though riffing off this idea, how about SplenDaddy? Same idea, but a little shorter - easier to say or type.

  2. I've just read your entire blog - brilliant! keep it up!

  3. Thank Anon. I love SplenDaddy. Works on a lot of levels!