Sunday, February 15, 2009

Real Life Ethics vs Sex Work Ethics

I've been meaning to post about this topic for a while...and the last post reminded me again. Over the months I've been doing my sideline escort hobby I've started to develop a fairly rock solid set of guidelines to divide my real life from the sex work.

1) Married clients are only okay for paid gigs. I no longer sleep with married or partnered men in my personal life and if I find out casual lovers have been lying about that then I dump them.

2) Casual lovers do know about the paid stuff so they know who they are sleeping with and what they are possibly getting involved with.

3) I have a few names I use of course - and only reallife lovers know my reallife story. They may know enough to track me down if they wanted to google-stalk me. Whatever I tell clients, I try and never give away enough detail that I become google-stalkable. SplenDaddy is the exception here cause I travel with him so he's seen my travel documents.

4) The hustling I described in the last email and other shady behaviour - this does not usually touch my reallife. Yes, the odd rush out in lunch hour to see a client, but I still manage to pay my bills, call my parents, go to family events, see my friends, love my cats, and complete a professional dayjob.

Any other questions you have fire away!!

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