Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Thought #5

I just found the funniest web site.
- it promises to track your sex life and sexual partners. I'm a statistics geek so I'm going to join up and give it a go for the fun of it!

I think it will dovetail nicely with another site I've been using about 4 years now. - it's a site that tracks your periods and predicts ovulation and bleeding. Now of course it's meant for couples trying to have kids but I've set up the email notifications to warn me a few days before ovulation. Cause that's my mega-horny time and also the best time to do paid sex work so that I enjoy it.

I've then set it up to tell me about a week before my period is due so that I can remind myself why I'm behaving like a cuntyface - ahhhh, bad PMS. Then I usually lay off any sex work for a week or two.

I've been using it for years now because you can always tweek the notifications so that it suits being in a relationship - you can warn your other half - which has been useful in the past!


  1. Thanks for the links - interesting! I also chart my cycles. I'm curious about this: If you're charting your cycles & ovulating, that means you're not using any hormonal birth control, right? What forms of STD and birth control protection do you use during sex work? I imagine it would make me personally nervous to be ovulating and doing sex work, but perhaps there is another alternative?


    A fat chick from the States

  2. Oh, I get very, very nervous. I wish I could take the pill or some hormonal control but there are a few medical reasons that mean I can't. Apart from the medical reasons, I do actually enjoy my body's natural cycle as wierd as that sounds.

    So I always use condoms for sex. But if it's around ovulation time then I also sometimes use a diaphragm. I went to my local family planning place and lied and said I had a steady partner I wanted to not use condoms with blah blah and got fitted for it.

    Basically I'm double bagging my cervix I guess to try and keep the swimmers out LOL.

    But I have also made the decision that should both forms fail and I manage to get myself knocked up, then I'm old enough, with enough savings and a decent day job that I'd probably actually have the kid. I mean I really really hope that I never have to cross that bridge, but I am aware of the risks!

    I also get tested for STD's quite often cause I'm paranoid.

  3. Also - a great benefit of the diaphragm is that if you're in the mood you can use it to hold back the period flow for a few hours and have sex without the partner needing to know, or worry about mess.

  4. Thanks! Just now getting back to seeing this, and love to see that you started an Ask Curvy post. Although there are no reasons I can't take hormonal birth control, I really hate it too. I had never considered a diaphragm. Love your blog. Thanks again.

  5. Hey! I've just been reading your blog and find it to be a fascinating dramatic read. Tons of fun!

    I was just reading this thread and thought I'd let you know about the copper IUD in case you hadn't heard of it. If you're in the US (I suspect with the dollar signs? Unless it's Canadian or Australian...) the patent one is called the Paraguard, you can google of course for that.

    But anyway, it's basically a copper T that sits in your uterus and stops babies from forming. It's been around since the 70's so they've learned about long term side effects too.

    It lasts up to 10 years, but can potentially make periods worse and the majority of women have a longer and/or more painful period during their "adjustment period." About 4-7% of women do expel theirs randomly (and have to get it removed) and many successfully get another one. It does however lead you more open to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) if you ever get chlamydia or gonorrhea but in this kind of work it's a good idea to get tested anyway but that goes for most a lot of people in any kind of work.

    Anyway, just to let you know there's another very effective non-hormonal option out there for you. But if the diaphragm works well that's great too.

    Keep up the blog, loving it!