Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Thought #3

This sideline of mine has really connected me to my body in a way nothing else has. While sitting this morning waiting for a client running late I felt so positive about my body it was almost like a physical force in the room. I was in lovely lingerie and a nice fluffy bath robe. I'd showered and shaved and used nice skin and hair care products and was almost glowing with sensuality.

These days it's part and parcel of my routine to consider waxing and manicures and pedicures and hair cuts and tan lines and facials and moisturizing.

I even tried running my hand over my curves and considering them from a male point of view - soft and smooth. Not fat, and gross and worth hiding - like society teaches big gals.

It really is like Fabienne in Pulp Fiction says to Bruce Willis' character. "It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same."


  1. do you know the feeling of being in a relationship and just not being bothered having sex? ... do you ever feel like that clients yet? do you think you will go full time? what are you doing with all your new money?

  2. What a wonderful feeling that must be! About the waxing part, though: I'm afraid of having a stranger look at all the jiggly bits that the skinny chicks don't have; is there anything the fleshier girl can do to minimize embarrassment at the salon? I mean, is at-home worth trying?

  3. Actually I was talking about waxing my eyebrows - I shave and just trim my lady bits cause I don't like pain. Ha. But that leaves ingrown hairs to deal with and exfoliate and such which is annoying. I know I should only shave in the direction of the hairs but that's no fun.

    Advice for fleshier girl is to make sure when you go to get lady bits looked after is to go first thing in the morning when you aren't sweaty and wear cotton underwear and shorts or pants too cause that minimizes any sweat issue too. So then you can totoally not worry about that.

    As for jiggly bits - don't fear. You know how when you look at skinny girl photos it looks like they have straight thighs without those "inner fat pouches" near their bits?

    That's just photoshopping. Most girls have jiggly bits.

  4. Hey Anon - I will answer all of these in a blog post for you soon.



  5. I remember having that feeling before. I had been training really hard for rugby and had lost some weight, but more importantly, I felt really strong and actually understood the amazing things I could push my body to do. Funny that I only ever get it from extreme physical excursion and sex.