Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Sugar Daddy Thoughts

After finding my first sugar daddy I went and joined up with a sugar daddy website. So far no real action. I was talking with my friend Marina about it. Imagine me as a short, white, geeky gal. Now imagine Marina as the opposite. Tall, black, cool. And cuttingly funny.

I was trying to tell her that she was what people wanted in a sugar babe. Someone who stops conversation when she enters a room. I think that as much as BBW is a niche market, I'm not sure there is room for that in Sugar Daddy land. My boobs may stop traffic, but I still don't think I'm what someone wants to present to a work function. It's just not socially acceptable.

This was confirmed when I recently saw a casual sex ad online. "I like fucking fat chicks, but it's like riding a scooter. It's great until your mates find out. So if you want to meet me in private,drop me a line."

Jeez. I nearly vomited reading that. But I do think many people agree!

Anyhow, Marina and I decided that my angle was my geekiness. Indeed that was partly what won over Sugar Daddy #1. He's a computer geek and loves that I can nerd it up with the best of them (while wearing PVC and fucking him senseless of course).

So I just need to find more geek men with money. Maybe a short fat chic won't score him a lot of respect but when I let fly with the inner geek, I'm sure to make his mates jealous.

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