Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gnashing of teeth

So I just read this quote about whoring:

"A profession that wastes people, from the inside out."

I know people write that crap all the time but it just made me want to throw my computer. Safe to say I disagree.


  1. I more or less agree with you, but on the other hand, yours is not a historically typical experience. I am sure it is less cool in other places and for other people, although not all other people and other places.

  2. I think it depends on a person who decides to do it (and of course on whether this person DECIDES to do it in the first place or if they're forced to do it - by circumstances, "persuasion"). Of course it's never wise or safe to make general assumptions about everyone, as not everyone is the same.

  3. I agree with you both. Lots of people have different experiences. I just wish people would stop with the "Oh, it's the worst thing in the world" attitude. I'm sure for some people it is. But I'm glad the internet allows other people to blog their experiences!

  4. I agree with Pauli, it depends on the person and why they started the profession.

    I'm not a professional but I started whoring myself for money when I was REALLY desperate (umemployed, in debt and had bills to pay). I lost confidence in myself and felt so alienated. The money is fast and easy; it's addicting. I still do it even though I'm financially stable. My sex drive is gone. I'm not interested in it anymore. It just warped the way I think about sex and money.

    I'm not knocking what you do and it's good that you enjoy your profession.

    So the statement may not apply to you but I believe it holds some water.

  5. I think that having less than awesome sex and NOT getting paid would be the real waste. ;-)