Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fucksticks and AssHats

So I just got an email from the guy I wrote about in "The Worst of Times".

This is what he had to say about why he didn't follow up with me:


I need to write to tell you what happened. As I am now allowed to say.

My Dom, gave me one week to find someone off the internet to sleep with, and I then had to break all contact for 1 week.

My Dom then dumped me, showing me that I am what I think I am .. I am now Domless.

I am sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

I replied with this email (stealing Marina's suggestions of course):

You did really hurt me. I should have sent you an invoice for sexual services rendered since you basically just treated me like a whore in the end. And added extra money for the fucking flour I used to bake your cookies.

Although I do sleep with guys for cash sometimes I also am on the look out for someone to date and do not do casual sex any more because after all, that's what I get paid for.

I told you from the beginning that I was looking to date and not just casual sex and you agreed and I got kinda into liking you so slept with you anyhow out of excitment for thinking I'd found a fun kinky match - only to find you used me for your own sexual games without my permission.

I could care less that your Dom dumped you.

Go to hell.


  1. Score! I would have said the same thing. Once I slept with this dude who was married (which I wouldn't do in my every day life) but when it came time to pay me he wrote me a check. Yes! And it was a NSF check. He did this to me twice. I can't believe I let him do this twice. It's not like I can call the Credit Bureau.

  2. Oh, girl, I am so glad to hear you called him out! Seriously, men--well, all people, really--will treat you as badly as you let them, and most times we don't take the time to call out bullshit.

    I am glad his Dom dumped him, and I hope he dies of something flesh-eating. Shake it off, and move on.

  3. that is NOT OK! what an asshole. you didn't consent to be a part of whatever kink he and his dom cooked up. it's one thing if he'd been honest w/you about being involved w/someone else and wanting to find someone to sleep with. frankly that sounds like a load of shit to me tho. none of my domly friends nor even any of the prodommes that i know would ever ask something like that of one of their subs. this guys is just an ass.

  4. Thanks tx-raven. I agree. It's sounds like one screwed up situation if it is true. And breaches the rules of "safe, sane, CONSENSUAL" that's for sure! I'm still angry.