Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dammit, Janet, I have limits.

Oh I hate it when I discover limits. I like to think I'm soooo game that I'm up for anything. But the truth is, I'm a big fat WUSS. LOL.

I answered another SugarDaddy ad. This guy was super paranoid - he had a lot of replies he said and so I had to jump through all of these hoops to even get his trust to then get his picture. He'd seen mine and was keen, so I started to get a little excited. He was fifty, and I know there can be good fifty and bad fifty and I was keeping my fingers crossed.

Then his photo came through. And I knew immediately I couldn't be seen in public with him. EEK. It would be obvious I was only with him for the money and travel. And I sure as hell wouldn't be able to sleep with him.

Damn it. How do people like Kristy Hinze pull it off without laughing? Or cringing?

This guy though is going to be da bomb for someone with a stronger stomach than me. He's offering to put his SugarBabe on the company payroll so you get a decent salary while staying is his penthouse and travelling !!! Global Financial Crisis? What Crisis?

I tried to convince my neighbour to take him on. She's struggling with her mortgage, said she's game for a SugarDaddy and is a little older than me - and very fabulous and staunch and a mad cricket fan to boot. I emailed her his picture and her reply was classic:

"Ignoring the little stain on his shirt from dropping a piece of that dessert he is eating, what godforsaken places would I have to travel with him? That picture shows him sitting on an outdoor plastic chair. I do not go to places where I need to sit on plastic chairs. I'll let that one go through to the keeper."

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