Thursday, February 5, 2009

Client Request - via blog!

So I had my first email today from somebody that wanted to see me after having read the blog. I was very flattered, and tempted to see what type of guy could read what I have had to say, and still want to see me. Perhaps one that secretly wants to be written up as a client story? Or one that just likes my sense of humour? Or maybe something really mundane - perhaps it really is hard to find a quality BBW escort if you want one. And of course..I do consider myself quality ;-)

As a reader of other sex worker blogs I know that I'm not the first blogger/sex worker to be approached this way so I replied in pretty much the same way that the others have:


Thanks for your interest but as I remain anonymous in my blog I can't very well see clients who already know about my blog - since that may allow you to then identify who I am and "out" me as the author of the blog.

If you are in my city chances are you won't find my ads too hard to locate and you may see me without ever realising you have!


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