Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Client # 7 Again

Sometimes I get the gut feeling I'm pushing too hard with this hobby. I'm up for some fun or dollars, so I'm answering ads, placing ads, hustling and even emailing previous clients. And ...nothing...

That's what it's felt like this week. But I finally clued in that it's a good thing. For starters I have a green and black ankle - from toe to heel and back. Not an ideal situation if I have to run or fight or something if I get a bad new client. I've also got bruising near my elbow, which Bell kindly pointed out while she was babysitting me - amusing me and buying me chocolate on my days off realjob! I must have fallen in the oddest way.

I've also got the most horrendous bruising on my boobs. Which I hadn't expected but it was after my hotel tit job. This guy loved my breasts too much it seems and I was too blissed out to notice, or stop him.

So given all of that, and the feeling of pushing too hard, I decided to totally ignore my sex work. Except that $100 Diet Coke guy was emailing me every few mins with a blank email and a begging subject line. Sigh. I finally explained why I was saying no, in nice terms. He writes back that "pushing boundaries is his nature" but it doesn't mean disrespect.

Yeah. Like I'd want a boundary pusher in my house while I'm naked. Pffft. No thanks buddy. Although if he does get close to the $1000 an hour mark again then I'll do it with a big body guard maybe thirty cms from my bed. Ha. One who will crack skulls if he "pushes boundaries".

I was so determined to just chill out and recover that when my filth phone rang over and over today I kept ignoring it. Finally I answered. It was Client #7 - he of the Seriously Whack Sperm.

He was close by and wanted to pop in - in FIVE mins.

What they hey. As soon as I decide to turn my back for a break - a repeat client. Easy, safe, likely no sex involved. I tried to delay him a bit so I could have a shower but he said just to greet him in my casual clothes and shower with him.

Wow..he's grown some balls since the epic fail of last time. Has demands and ideas. Nice.

Slight drama when he goes to open the wrong door and is about to walk in on my lurking flatmate, rather than the bathroom. EEK.

So we shower - and it's like hanging with an old friend. It's that tradie vibe again - he's pretty cool. We laugh, he lectures me on eating more vegetables so I don't bruise so easily and we soap each other up and down and have fun in the shower a bit.

So he's full of fun and suggestions. I love it that now that he's more comfortable he wants to play. He wants to try fisting. And cause I'm up for it with my new silicone lubes we have a play. Fun. Get pretty close to full fisting since his hands are small. Then he wants some anal play on him. Yay. Then a head job. Easy.

Finally he jerks off to come. It's not as white or weird as last time. Maybe his wife is actually putting out for a change (meow!)

I'm close enough to an orgasm that I ask him if he minds - and I use the vibrator and I'm done in like sixty seconds. He watches and appreciates the show.

Then he tells me his grand plan. He wants to be an escort or a sensual massage guy. He wants me to run the bookings and ads and take whatever cut I want.

OMG. He wants me to be his Madam! His Pimp! God - I've ALWAYS secretly wanted to be a brothel madam. Of course I say I'll give it a go. Not likely much call for a male escort who isn't into guys - but who knows!

I'll need to scrub him up a bit, give him a name and a personality to market (the pocket sized tradie? Mmmm)

This is all such a fun distraction from reallife.

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