Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad, Bad Girl

It's ovulation week which of course means I'm seeing dollar signs for sex and wanting to cash in while my body is in the mood - with my double bagged cervix of course ;-)

But I don't like direct advertising all of the time - escort ads end up drowning in other escort ads within minutes and I always feel exposed. So I've hit upon the worst way of pinpointing men who love curves. I'm basically hustling on the online hook-up sites.

Classic bait and switch. I have a hot-for-you-BBW profile and these guys trip over themselves to give me email addresses. Or I give them an email address to "swap pics at" and then get their email address that way.

Then I simply copy and paste addresses into excel and wait; and wait; and wait; until I've got a few hundred. Then do a BCC email with a story about me.

Sure I get my fair share of abuse from boys who feel like they've been used. And the "real me" feels horrible that I'm doing this kind of sleazy, scuzzy behaviour. But then I just think to myself - hang on, these idiots are mostly married and just looking for a NSA fuck, sending you cock shots and the like - they aren't exactly above-board types themselves.

I mean, I do BCC them so no one knows their address - better than most spammers. And if they aren't interested or don't reply saying they are keen to know my prices I never bother them again. So it's a once off hustle. Which is mostly harmless I guess.

I've done it a couple of times on various websites and I have had outstanding results. Lots of interest and many potential new clients reply. Some very glad to know at least they can finally get BBW lovin' when they want it!

Hmmmm. Still feel guilty.


  1. Eh, don't feel guilty. It's an email, not a singing telegram you're sending them at work.

    I was wondering if there are any other escort blogs you know of? I enjoy yours immensely and would love to read similar blogs, but am having a hard time finding any. Probably not something a lot of people blog about!

  2. The ones that "feel used" only feel that way because they don't want to pay. No need to feel guilty there. They are on those websites looking for sex, they freely gave you their email address (among other things) and you send them an email offering sex. It's not spam, they were looking :-)

  3. Out of idle curiousity, what does a typical email of your story look like? I find language fascinating, so I'm curious how you phrase the emails, since you don't read as the type who would leave the trashy types of spam emails.