Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ask Curvy

So I decided I'd add a bit of MSN chat into the mix - lets the guys ask all their questions rather than email back and forward. And in less than five minutes I can tell if they are serious about booking.

Here are the funniest questions today - and my answers!

Can I try before I buy?

Um, no.

You are really good looking. Good looking girls don't need to sell their bodies. Why do you do this?

Well..good looking girls may *want* to sell their bodies for a good amount of cash, for whatever reason they like. Why have NSA hook-ups that I'd do anyhow, when I can do the same and make a nice little sideline out of it?

No really. Only ugly girls sell their bodies to men who need to pay for it.

Ahhh..this is the crux of your issue. You think some men "need" to pay for it, thus being some sort of sub par human that can't get it for free. Therefore they are ugly and then only ugly girls are dumb enough to service these horrors. This, my friend, is a failure of logic based on your wrong assumptions.

I still don't get it.

Never go into business then buddy. You don't get supply and demand type ideas, nor the idea of free will in this world.

Swallow? Facial? Anal?

Some guys think if they do pay then they get to treat you like a piece of meat and do anything they think of. Being of small imaginations sometimes the only thing they can think of is anal and cum guzzling. (I didn't actually say that in my chat- but I thought it). This proves they are the type of client to avoid!

For me - it's all about respect. And yes, if the trust is there and I build a relationship with a client I am much more willing to do anal, or facials. But not for some idiot off the street who is waving $100 and can't figure why I won't jump for it.

Another unrelated question from a reader:

What's the legal status for your work?

This is kind of important - if you are reading this blog and thinking about going into sex work please note that where I am it's LEGAL. There are all sorts of rules like - it's only legal if it's one girl working from a private residence. Otherwise you get classed as a brothel. And brothels need approval. And the approval process is stupid. So there are tonnes of illegal brothels. Mind you, if I had a friend over, who also saw a client in my house, that would make me an illegal brothel! It's a dumb law cause it encourages girls to work alone which is not good for safety, but it's a step in legalizing everything I guess.

The good news is - it's not a police matter if you are an illegal brothel. It's a local government matter and the worst thing is you can be asked to stop doing it, or fined if you ignore that direction. Easy. Police are only involved if they think it's women being forced to work against their will.

My biggest risk is perhaps my landlord finding out and not being happy and me being asked to leave. But I am the perfect tenant and pay rent on time and fix things around the house myself. Having the odd gentleman caller is not likely to draw attention to myself.

Other than that -safety is the big issue for me.


  1. Wow that is fascinating to hear that where you are it your work is legal; I never assumed as much from reading your blog for the past couple of weeks. I am a reader from the states and while I 100% sex work legalization, our judicial system tends to crack down hard. Are you willing to disclose your country?

  2. I'd prefer not to say where I am...that would make it fairly easy to track me down ;-)

    The cloak and dagger stuff I get up to is mostly cause there are no easy ways to advertise. Cause it is legal then you can bet the newspapers charge a fortune for working girl ads. Makes it not worth it.

    Plus I want to beaver (ha) away without a huge web presence by advertising too much on line.

    And I like to stay anon as much as I can to protect realife. Blogging aside ;-)

  3. I love how the guy knows just what every person in the world thinks about their bodys and sex.
    Life is set in stone,right?

    Thats nice to know that you're not in risk of going to jail.