Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ask Curvy

So Anon. left a few questions, and I'm also getting emails with questions that I've been answering so I'm going to start an "Ask Curvy" post every now and then.

So..if there is anything you want to ask me, about anything, then I'll do my best to answer. I'm also happy to give advice if I can. Now, remember, I've got no qualifications that are relevant for this, just my own sense of humour and experience. But I love Dan Savage and Cary Tennis to death, and if they can advise people then why the hell can't I?!

So...the questions:

Do you know the feeling of being in a relationship and just not being bothered having sex? Do you ever feel like that with clients yet?

I have had long relationships and I've gone through stages where I'd rather watch TV than shag. Or even do the dishes. So I know that feeling. And yes, I have had that with clients at times. A little bored, a little distracted, not really "in the moment". But I'm only usually seeing a few clients a week and if I start to notice those feelings creeping in then I just turn down bookings.

And if I really want the money then I kinda have a routine that gets me into the mood. Getting my room ready, picking an outfit, laying out condoms, picking music, adjusting lighting. All of this starts to get me a little excited about whatever adventure is about to happen.

Also I reckon that many of the men I sleep with are actually below-par in the bedroom, hence seeing a working gal. So sometimes they are just crap in bed, and I just work on the blog in my head ;-)

Do you think you will go full time?

It depends what "full time" means. I mean - I could probably do 3-4 hours a week with client bookings and that equals my realjob salary! So sure, it's tempting sometimes to think I could quit the day job and never have to worry again. But the reality is that would be a very isolating life, and risky - if I didn't get my 3-4 hours of clients how would I pay my rent etc. Also then I'd be hungry for the money and maybe then do dumb things - see dodgy clients or not trust my gut, cause I needed the money!

If you mean full time like seeing several clients a day, every day - no way. As long as this sideline is fun and I feel okay about it then I'll keep doing it. But I don't think I could handle multiple partners daily at this stage without starting to lose the quality of my service.

What are you doing with all your new money?

I want to take advantage of the recession really. I'm getting the feeling that in the next year or so it could be now or never to buy a house or apartment - interest rates so low, values crashing. I mean I feel sorry for everyone who is caught in this mess, but a recession is sometimes the best way to buy into shares, a business or real estate - cause when the next boom comes (and it will eventually) I'll be in the perfect position.

I've set myself a goal to save $20 000 in a year. I have to spend some of my earnings on things like photo shoots and costumes and body care but I do try and save most of it. I think having a goal too makes me think this is a short term sideline, and reminds me to make the most of my money before I get sick of all the sex-for-cash.



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  1. Hi Curvy, thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions x