Monday, January 12, 2009

A slow time of year?

Well, according to the email I got from an escort website - December and January are slow months in the business. This website wanted to give me some free advertising deal, and I started to do it all, then had a gut feeling I shouldn't put my photos and details up somewhere so public with so little control and I changed my mind.

Anyhow..that's beside the point. So, a slow time, right?! I've had hardly any new emails. I did get one or two almost-bookings over Xmas, but I felt kinda in the wrong headspace to be using a fake name, and fucking for cash on a holiday period. Not that I believe in Jesus, and not that I think what I am doing is evil, more that I was so relaxed and chilled out in RL that I couldn't be arsed to get into character. Sex work is a performance just like any other kind of theatre.

I even turned down a two hour booking just after Christmas. Out of spite. He booked, I got ready, he canceled last minute, I relaxed into holiday mode again. An hour or so later he tried to reinstate the original booking but I sent a rant about not being a "call girl on demand with only a few mins notice". Damn. The money would have been good. That will so show me for being so high and mighty.

I've also had a few experiences with #4 that left me a bit cold. He emails, wants to see me, gets himself all excited, ends up blowing his load before we even get the booking sorted, then is satisfied enough he doesn't need to see me. Now what the fuck is that about? I'm so hot that the mere thought of a visit is enough? That is *not* good for business.

I tried an experiment and went back to being a little distant and very formal with him. That just sent him running away for a few weeks. Yesterday he was back trying to book, and so I was a little warmer, but not leading him on with much. And in four emails of "time, place, length of booking" discussions he was already at explosion point. Maybe I've lost him as a client and his fantasy of me is strong enough then.

I also had to turn down a booking with #6 who wants to be a regular. But I had house guests, his parents were visiting for the holidays and so we were stuck. He didn't want to pay for a hotel. Given that last time we just talked mostly, I don't blame him. He made another appointment a few nights back and then had friends drop round unannounced. Or so he said, as he canceled.

And now..well I've just got back from my realjob lunch break. I went home to do a quick booking - and of course the guy didn't confirm but changed the time till later this afternoon. As least I did talk to him on the phone and felt okay about it all. Maybe I'm getting over the phone phobia.

So, what do you think chances are that he'll actually follow through? A pack of fruit flavoured condoms (they do really help with the gag problem I've found) to anyone who correctly guesses what happens with this new client.


  1. I think he'll follow through. He did call, after all. I have high hopes for this one, I don't know why.

  2. You were so right Sojourner. I owe you the condoms!