Wednesday, January 28, 2009

John Bait

I just answered a Jabba the Hutt ad without realising it - and I was using a new address and name. He was one of my first clients and had made me swear I wasn't a working girl when he saw me.

It was too good an opportunity to pass up. He wrote back that he didn't pick up girls or see escorts but wanted sex for $250 an hour, so that if I wasn't an escort could I please send my details. His attitude hadn't changed in the months since I'd seen him.

I replied in my best street walker hooker jargon, trying to channel an aging cynical woman who'd seen it all:

"Oh sugar, I do think you'll find that handing over money for sex makes the girl a whore and makes you a john. No matter what you tell yourself.

I am a hooker so I'm not for you in that case - although whoever you do see I guarantee will also be a professional, no matter what they tell you."

So immature but I am giggling.

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