Thursday, January 22, 2009

Client #9 and a Revelation

So it turns out my lube does froth like a mother fucker when played with too much. Mr Alien Sperm wasn't quite as bad as I thought then. Still a bit nasty and odd, but now I've seen the lube in action with another client who couldn't get it up but was furiously jerking off with it I'm relieved.

I need to go lube shopping.

Okay. Client story. #9 In town for a conference. Has booked me two nights in a row. Just wants to talk mostly. Tiny tiny penis, oldest guy I've seen so far too, but fine looking in his pics.

My house guest didn't want to leave since it was dark outside so she was in her room the whole time. Actually made me feel safer and I didn't need to do a safecall to Bell.

Boring story eh? I'll let you know if anything fun happens tomorrow night with him.

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