Thursday, January 15, 2009

Client # 8

Reading over my past entries I've realised this blog has become more about the frustrations of wanting to be a part time lover escort gal and being constantly stood up by clients. So it is with great joy that I report a new client. The perfect client.

#8 didn't start out well - he was the guy who canceled and then tried to rebook and I told him to make an appointment and stick to it since I wasn't a call girl. His photos showed also that he was on the borderline of my four-beers-or-less system and I was thinking he may turn out to be be bigger, and uglier in person so was doubly hesitant.

But he's nothing if not persistent so yesterday I agreed to a booking. He confirmed, he was a little early but texted to make sure that was okay and he requested me in PVC. I had to kick the house guest out before I put on the PVC. No one needs to see that in my real life. Ha. But PVC makes me feel sexier - like it's a costume into my alter-ego. So I was happy.

In person #8 was actually thinner and cuter than the pic. And so clean and polite. I probably had treated him a bit roughly over emails, thinking he was another timewaster when actually he was just a busy business owner.

He handed me $50 too much for our session. I realised while he was in the shower and made sure to mention it when he got out, in case it was some kind of honesty test. He just said that we'd see how we went, no big deal.

He just wanted to please me. It was great fun. He was a good kisser too. And he got so excited he was done in the first five minutes. So we spent an hour talking and he didn't seem ready to do a round two. Then he decided he's extend his time a few minutes and not to give him any change.

I had to madly text my house guest telling her to steer clear a bit longer. Was quite the comedy of errors since Bell texted back with "Um, don't think that was for me. Do you really need me out of the house for an extra few mins?" Ekkk. Luckily it was Bell who I'd used as my safetycall so she knew what was going on and was giggling away I think. Client and I had a laugh at the idea of house guest walking in on us any minute as I hurried to resend the text.

So finally we got round to some actual sexing and again he was so excited we were done in like a minute. Another client that wanted the talking and connection probably more than anything else...another true GFE. It's definitely my niche.

The best thing was when I realised that by seeing me it made him kinda relive his "wild and crazy" youth so I started pumping him for fun stories. And then he let out the most hilarious story involving a celebrity, a huge bag of coke and a party hard few days at a tourist glam spot. I can't really go into details since I'm taking his word for it, but this gal is kinda B grade celeb and it's no surprise that she'd be a bit of a coke fiend. Explains how she stays thin(ish!) Ha. I love it. Makes me feel like I'm living the high life just to hear the stories!

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