Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Client #10 (Sugar Daddy #1)

Well this latest adventure has been a bizarre hybrid of my real life and my escort life. I answered an ad by a guy who fancied himself as a sugar daddy. Within a few days of the odd back and forward email he suggested lunch to see if we got along.

I thought about it. He was suggesting some cash, some travel, some spoils - hotels, gifts, indulgences. Hmmm. I realised I would have to use my real name cause no way could I travel under a false name. Plus we met for lunch across the road from where I work, on a weekday. So I decided I would have to drop my sex work persona and just be a girl "saving for an apartment".

Our lunch went well. He was boring. Non offensive in every way. Not actually old. Under 40 even. But rich and bored enough to afford me. And with a bunch of travel plans in the works.

The next day he suggested lunch, a nice bottle of wine and some bedroom fun. He was late and missed lunch. I was slightly sulky at paying for my $15 sandwich and juice without him by my side to pick up the tab. Which goes to show I may have the SugarBabe disposition after all -much to my horror.

I skulked on home, trying not to kick stones at the thought this guy had cost me $15. He decided to meet me at my home instead. That put me more on solid ground - just like an normal client then.

Except not. He wanted to drink wine and talk. And I was soooo bored. He has no personality. I decided to throw him in the bed just to get him to shut up. And the sex was boring too. This guy has no passion that I can discover yet.

Afterward I went to grab a towel to wrap around myself - and he was mostly dressed and ready to go. He kissed me on the forehead - oh puhlease Mr Paternalistic - and said "I left you a gift under your keyboard"

As soon as he left I ran to see what it was. I'd decided I was going to play it cool - not have an hourly rate or anything since this whole SugarBabe thing is a whole new ballgame. Hard to work out how to value myself in this. But there were three notes there. Good cash. Not extravagant, but enough to show he kinda was worth seeing again.

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  1. Love you blog. I love how you are calling them by numbers. I used to be a call girl and am working on a blog about it at blogspot & www.49menandcounting.

    You know, the entire time I was working as a call girl, most men wanted to just sit and talk about their problems. The time would pass and I would start to wonder, "Are we going to do yet or not".

    I made the mistake of giving out my real name which ended up getting back to my parents. Yeah, those were the days. lol