Friday, January 30, 2009

247 Emails

I have a special folder in my email account - just tagged "E". It's the number of emails and enquiries I've had about my escort work. I've got 247 emails in there - which is a ridiculous number considering I've seen ten people now, and seen one of those three times - bringing my total escort hobby to only thirteen visits. I've said yes to probably another fifteen or so who have not actually followed through. So I guess I'm running at maybe 10% of all men I feel are worth fucking for cash. I think this is only cause I have a good professional day job too. If I was really just after the money that would be much higher.

It's now becoming somewhat obvious what my niche is, as far as being a fat girl escort goes. I'm not sure if this is the same niche all sex workers have, or if it's related to my body size. But here is my gross generalization of my clientele:

1) Deformed guys. I don't mean this harshly - and with most of these you'd never see it from the outside, but if I get a guy under 40 it normally means he is shy, short, has a small penis, or has sexual issues like premature ejaculation. Good looking, but with an issue. I really feel for these guys. Some of them are struggling to get girlfriends but are pretty decent men all in all.

2) Married professional men over 40 (tonnes of requests I've turned down from the same but over 50!) They love my conversations and my casual girlfriend-like personality and seem to think that women should have curves. They don't buy into the supermodel ideal at all and really enjoy my body, and the person that goes with it.

With these guys I tend to let my sex worker persona slip quite a bit, until sometimes they almost see the real me. In a very twisted way these guys give me hope that I'll find a nice husband one day. Ha. Funny that my definition of nice husband still has space for them to be visiting escorts - just like me!

3) Ethic guys. I think I'm a Greek, Italian or Lebanese man's dream. They love a fat girl - partly that's cultural I guess. It's normally young boys that email too - in their early or mid twenties. However they are really impossible to manage, arrogant, crude and never seem to follow through with a booking. Sometimes I even get 2) and 3) combined. 50 year old Greek husbands desperate to see me. But so far their photos just make me shudder.

4) Solid, tall, or fat men. Like attracts like I think and I'm pretty sure a big guy feels right at home and not judged by a big girl. I've seen two clients like this - Jabba, who was an arsehole, and one guy who was only 35, but a big, big guy who used to even be a bigger man at 350 pounds plus in high school. He'd lost enough weight for me to almost just consider him solid, but he had the fat kid personality still.

Most heart breaking of all was a series of emails from a fat guy who wouldn't actually go through with seeing me, but wanted to confide in a fat girl. I may actually post these since they offer insight into size issues.

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