Thursday, December 4, 2008

What's up with agencies and size?

On days when I've been stood up by a client (again) I often think about agency work. There are always ads around for girls wanted. Every now and then I inquire. Polite emails that mention my size. To date I've only had one reply with a curt "We only take models to a size 10".

Sometimes I mention a bit of independent work. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing - maybe they think I'm just gonna steal their clients?

What the fuck really does go on though? I admit I know nothing about this industry since I'm new, and I'm working alone. The truth is I'm still convinced the industry is run by the Mob or something, and I'd get my legs broken if I stole a client. I watch too much Law & Order.

I read a bunch of stuff on the web but that doesn't actually help get me under the skin of the scene in my city. I've never been in a brothel. I've no idea about the politics.

But it stands to reason that even an exclusive agency would be trying to cater to everyone - and what do they do if some rich dude says - "Give me a girl with boobs out of this world". Or even, "I wanna fuck a fat chick for laughs." Not that I'd really want to do the second dude, but still. Do they just talk them into one of their tall, thin, models? Sometimes I get the feeling that even being short-haired is a bit of a no-no. And having a tattoo. Gasp.

The guys I've found as clients aren't mega rich. They're professional - but second rung. Like, not a financial trader, but maybe the dude that works the computers behind the trader. Bad example in this economy - but you follow. They're a CEO - for a tiny company or small business. Not on seven figures though.

Yet all of these men tell me about their hunt for BBW gals to see - and their friends who want the same. Friends worth more money. And if I'm keen to see them and be high-end, and they're looking for me but can't find gals like me, then why aren't the agencies getting in on this action?

All I can figure is it comes to down to advertising. They have websites full of flowing locks and concave bellies. Maybe they think I'd bring down the tone of their establishment? Maybe they would only have me if I'm like the Gimp in the Basement - by special request only ;-)

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