Thursday, December 4, 2008

Telling Friends

I hate keeping secrets so I've told my brother about the escorting, and maybe half of my friends that I truly trust. So far there has only been one person I've told that I regret. And it's turning into a bit of a nightmare.

I didn't realise this guy had developed a drinking problem. He gets aggressive and obnoxious. He's been with my friend for over ten years, and I guess we've drifted and don't see each other much, so I missed the beginning of the issue.

No one thought to warn me at the BBQ when I was chatting about exploring the callgirl world. He was fine about it - funny and cute. Then after too many beers he lurched in front me.

"So, how many guys have you fucked? 100? More?"

"Um, as I's only six guys so far, I just started and it's more about --

"Cock-sucking. You're a cocksucker. I bet in your line of work you see a lot of cocks. Tell me about them--"

"Actually, I don't think--'

"Go'on then...tell me about the fucking. Are you so broke you can't pay your bills. Is that it?"

"No..I earn good money in my realjob..but--"

It was at that point I cut and ran. Some of the other girls at the BBQ huddled around me to tell me their stories of the dipstick drinker. They wished I was brave enough to stage an intervention. But I'm not. I'm not going to try. I've learnt that lesson a few times now and know you can't save someone from themselves.

I walked up to my friend - the long suffering partner of the fucktard drunk.

"It was a lovely dinner, thanks, but seriously, you boyfriend is a cunt. Call me if you ever have the balls to think of leaving."

Slight over reaction I know!

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