Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stupid Rookie Mistakes

After seeing Client #1 I realised that like in any job there were things to learn, routines to memorize, etiquette to adhere to.

I couldn't pull off the warm, bubbly, loving, curvy gal persona I wanted the first time round. My brain was screaming at me that I'd just crossed some invisible barrier into prostitution and there was no return. It kept asking, "How do you feel, How do you feel?"

The reality was I felt fine. Winged monkeys didn't come and drag me away to some sort of purgatory for taking cash. No one looked at me funny on the street. I didn't have a scarlet letter on a forehead. Life went on - just with a little less debt.

I stuffed up with nerves the first time as I mentioned and used my real name. Ooops. He was also so nervous I bet he didn't hear.

Another time, with Client # 4, my only regular, my filth phone was flat, so I texted him a reply from my normal phone. I knew that was dumb, cause if you google that phone number I bet it pops up in relation to realjob.

Also once, I forgot to take down a poster I have up sometimes - that has my real name on it. So the client could have seen it and figured that quite easily.

I've also send face pics out. I decided that was just being self-destructive and begging for drama. But still - people have seen them.

Another time I just realised in the nick of time I was about to respond to a work colleague with my prices.

Holy Fuck did my heart just about leap out of my throat and run away down the sidewalk!! But, on reflection, so what if he found out? He emailed me first - so I figured we'd both be trapped never talking to each other at the water cooler again if I answered.

Facebook has been a god send. As of course has Google. I search for potentials using their email addresses or names. Lots of time they use real addresses, even company addresses, so I can figure out a bunch about them before deciding to reply.

Sometimes I'm tempted to reply to potentials with their full history, photos, contacts from LinkedIn and say "MORON. Don't mess up your life. Get a fake address."

As stupid as I am with my rookie mistakes, there are a lot of men out there who could so easily be blackmailed or outed, if I was the sort.

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