Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Sliding Scale of Slutdom

It's been a slow couple of weeks. Stood up now by a run of clients. A couple I can't even understand. They didn't set off any warning bells. All business like about booking a hotel they wanted and swapping pics and following the rules. Just -- no confirmation. Damn.

Of course, I just happen to be feeling horny this week and would happily go about being a working girl. It's always the way. Someone will want a booking when I feel swollen with PMS, but when I'm actually up for it, nada. Zip.

This is where the job of a real life lover is to come and fuck me silly, on demand. But alas, I'm down to one dude that I'm not invoicing at present, and he's too busy with work.

I'm not so desperate though that I want to lower my rates, or accept horrid clients. But it did get me thinking.

I turned down two guys this week. One very cute, but wanted to haggle over price. I hate that power game and even though I'm up for it, and he was easily suckable and fuckable at a discount, I have enough discipline not to accept his puny offer just for self-gratification. That's too blurry. It's either full price, or free and you're a client, or a lover. Not half/half.

The other one I turned down was a fifty year old. Now, if I run across older guys that fit into my four-drinks-or-less scale, then I'd go there. But this guy was an worn out looking fifty and sent me a photo of him drinking beer with sweat rings under the arms of his shirt. No matter that he was an air traffic controller who earned the big bucks and was staying in the hotel that most pilots and aircraft-related guys do - and could easlily pay for a few hours. I just looked at the sweat rings and

It did get me thinking though. I would have done him for more than my normal rate. Maybe say at 50% premium for the age and gross factor. No, maybe double.

See..I do have my price - it just varies. I wish I could offer a sliding scale and send out at an email that says my price is only available on application, after I see a picture.

That way the guy I would do for half price wouldn't know I was discounting. He'd just think I was a bargain. And the air traffic fellow would just think I was very high-end. And they'd all get fucked.

And I'd get lots of money AND some hot sex - just not from the same client.

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