Friday, December 5, 2008

Sex Addict

So following on from seeing Choke I did wonder if I was addicted to sex. I did a few surveys on line and found myself on the borderline between normal high sex drive and addiction. But the crossover point was so wide that you could drive a truck through it. Seems no one knows where addiction starts.

I asked a wise older friend. His view was it was a convenient insult/judgement to throw at anyone who was having more sex than you.

Another friend said it all depended on how you feel in the morning. If you feel shame and remorse and decide you're going to stop, and then you don't - then it's an issue. If you're okay with yourself in the morning, then carry on solider.

So, by both of those standards I'm fine. I've met and had lovers who have had far, far more sex than I. And I never feel bad in the morning. Even after Jabba the Hutt I was merely philosophical.

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  1. if there's no aftermath/consequences, I don't feel bad.