Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quasi-Famous Guy

The first two weeks after my ads went out, I was stuck in what seemed like a never ending stream of emails back and forth, trying to figure out the real punters from the fake.

In the middle I started to have this amazing email conversation with this one guy. To be honest, no one had ever written me emails so sweetly. I crossed boundaries and revealed enough myself that it was fifty/fifty if he could figure out who I was.

It was like a game. He started doing the same. He had far more to lose as it turns out. I answer phones for a living mostly - who cares if I got outed? Worst case I'd have to get another phone jockey job.

It turns out he was like a local C grade celeb. It was quite amusing. I used to listen to his radio show thinking, huh, I know his secrets. He started to confess all sorts of things to me.

I cut it off - telling him no way could I take his cash now, especially cause he did find a way to call me in real life. It was too messy and blurry. And his email confessions made me feel sorry for him. I didn't want to pity fuck him.

He offered to take me to coffee and give me a mix CD of his fave tunes- just to prove he was the legit celeb. I couldn't be bothered.

He looked too much like my Uncle Stan as well. And I couldn't figure out a way to shag him as the "real me", while not imagining my Uncle. Ewww.

Such a shame cause he offered me twice my normal rate.

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