Thursday, December 4, 2008

My rules

It's been a bit of trial and error but after a few months I think I'm pretty much set in my ways now.

1) I hate answering the phone. I just hate talking to potential clients and mouth breathers. So all bookings are via email. I'm sure I cut down on clients by 80% doing it this way but I don't care. I'm not totally in need of the money.

2) I prefer incalls. I read around on the internet and weighed up the risk of having someone in my apartment vs going to their house - and I feel much safer at home. Sure, clients know where I live, which isn't ideal - but the moment something bad happens cause of that I'll move. I know all of my neighbours and my place is actually very public which is reassuring.

I could rent an apartment perhaps for the work - but having a fixed whore expense every week of a few hundred dollars would make me feel like I was compelled to work just to break even. And some weeks I don't work.

3) Everyone shows me a photo. This is after Jabba the Hut (#3). If I think I'd fuck them out at the pub for less than four drinks, they are do-able. If I wouldn't shag them unless I'd had a six pack or more then life is far too short to shag them sober for cash. I'm lucky I can make this decision I know.

4) I'm happy to do natural oral. It's not really a good idea I know - but I gag and gag and gag every time I try and put a latex covered cock in my mouth. But they are not ever cuming in my mouth.

5) Anal is only if they become a regular. So far I have one regular (#4).

6) I'm all about the GFE. Pick the guys who will worship me so that there is less chance of them getting violent. I'm okay with kissing. Even the bad kissers.

7) Everybody showers and uses mouth wash.

8) Work mostly during the day on weekdays - mostly just sober unloved husbands that way.

9) Safecalls to friends at beginning and end of every session. And make sure they know it. Systems set in place to alert police or get help if I don't call.

10) No one gets my address until one hour before the appointment when they confirm they are still coming.

Really, most of the time I just feel like it is same as having casual sex for fun with internet lovers. Just with the added bonus of some dollars. And it seems much safer than the college days of getting so drunk I would end up in someone's house for a late night fuck with no idea where I was, or who I was with.

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  1. I gag and gag on condoms too. I've become a horrible blowjob giver just for that reason. I've found something that works, flavored latex. It isn't really flavored, but it takes away the latex taste.