Thursday, December 4, 2008


There is a girl I've seen on the same web sites advertising to the same market as me. At first I didn't mind, and then I did. I'm becoming invested in my little business.

My issue is that she's presenting herself so badly. She's got a face pic up taken at some family holiday and she's sun burned with tan lines to boot and her boobs flopping under her halter without support. I spent heaps on my photo shoot including a hotel room and some great photographers to try and capture my curves in the right way. I guess I feel superior.

Her advertising is also crude, badly spelled and in your face. I go out of my way to drop literary allusions to size and decadence and courtesans and whatever. Hey, we're both hookers I know, but still...

The difference in our hourly rates isn't huge. I feel torn between upping my rates a massive amount to get out of her market, but I'm not sure there are the clients there. I think instead about wanting to compete for her clients, steal them at a lower rate and *then* up the rates. Tre bitchy.

Mostly though I want to help her, team up together and create some sort of BBW double wonder offer and suss her out in person!

I emailed, we started chatting, and then I lost the catty edge. She's so much younger than me and doesn't seem to use as many safety precautions as I do, so it bought out the den mother in me.

I tried to give her advice. Even with my two seconds in the industry I could see she was an easy target to get hurt. She was also working a realjob and seeing clients at home - but when I questioned the public face picture she said it was a risk she'd take - along with no safecalls as it turned out. She was also bringing clients into a share house situation and not telling her flatmate which I just thought tacky.

Gawd. I hope she's okay.

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