Thursday, December 4, 2008

Client #3

Client # 3 was a mistake. I was so keen on my new hobby I forgot to ask a few questions that have since become standard. Like - why won't you show me a photo?

He'd managed to palm off the request for details and photos with some smug/funny lines about "no one has ever complained before".

I didn't stop to think about that. If you're paying hundreds of dollars per hour, of course no one is going to complain to your face!

I was lured by his offer to make it a weekly appointment. I got greedy. I'm eager to get regulars so I said he could come around.

Well...I opened to the door to a morbidly obese guy with nicotine teeth, gray long hair and a stained moustache.

For some reason though I felt like I owed it to him not to slam the door in his face. I didn't want to be sizest, and even rationalised maybe he'd picked me cause he expected me to be understanding about the size issues of the world. Cause I was a fat girl. So who was I to judge?

He toddled off to the shower and I sat on the edge of my bed mentally preparing. First thing he wanted to know as he gave me the cash was, "You're not a working girl are you? Cause I don't see working girls."

Every sarcastic fibre in my body wanted to point out that saying this while handing over $50 notes was a bit of a giveaway.

"No, it's just like to live in this gorgeous apartment by myself and it's super expensive so every now and then I allow my lovers to help me out..."

That made him smile. Jesus. I would have told him I was the freakin' tooth fairy if it had got me the cash so I could get it over with.

He leaned back like some ancient Roman god expecting to be fed peeled grapes.

"So..what would you like to do today?" I asked.

"Do your best honey."

I tried not to glare at him, and sat silent. He wasn't even going to move or offer a hint of where to start.

"Oh, honey, are you nervous?" he asked, with a slight smile.

I kissed him once to shut him up and it was horrid and he didn't seem interested. He didn't want to touch me. So I just went for the cock. At least it was clean.

After a lifetime of this I was getting cramps and was bored stupid. I couldn't even really see his face over the man mountain of belly flesh. Still no sign of anything from him. Then with frightening agility he jumped up and ran behind me.

"Now, I'm gonna fuck you from behind."

"Well, I said, we're not talking about butts are we? Cause I said no to that. And I'll need to see you put on a condom."

"Oh, trust me babe. I'll pull out without wearing one."

"NO. That is not okay."

And like a school kid being told off he came back and sat in his Jabba the Hutt position. Jerked himself off and came with a weak grey dribble. Then he left.

I looked at the clock. It had only be 17 minutes.

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