Thursday, December 4, 2008

Client #2

Client #2 helped me figure out the difference between someone who would book and follow through, and the just-talkin'-the-talk idiots.

He emailed, replied to my stand spiel with a photo and some details, picked a time and then confirmed the hour before and turned up. Wow. So simple.

He worked in finance and came to visit me on the day the markets took a massive,massive fall and everyone was scared. I couldn't help but wonder if sex workers the world over were all busy that night with a finance guy trying to buy reassurance.

His photo was blurry but I had a good gut feeling about him. Sure enough, when he turned up I thought, "Um, maybe you're here for the supermodel next door?"

He was gorgeous and smelt so nice. A little shy, but not so shy that he was speechless. He didn't want "anything weird" he said, and proceeded to start to seduce me. I was bemused and a little concerned after ten minutes of gorgeous stroking and touching me and kissing me softly.

If I made a move to touch him, or return the stroking, he pushed my hand away gently. Instead he decided to undress me, one piece of clothing at a time. I've never had a guy take his time like he did, and by the time I was naked it was like I was the most precious unwrapped present this boy had ever seen.

Still, my inner voice started to pipe up. What kind of man doesn't want to be touched? Is he so gentle and kind because any second now he's going to unleash some killer kung fu move and handcuff me somewhere so he can peel my skin off and wear it as a coat?

You have to forgive my inner voice. It's melodramatic.

The foreplay continued and I ended up exceedingly turned on. Finally at about 28 minutes into our half hour session he asked for a condom, placed it on without fuss and entered me. And came instantly. And then apologised. But I had cum from his first and pretty much only stroke due to the foreplay! That's a skill.

It all made sense. A premature ejaculator. Who has learned to compensate in other ways. Nice; sweet. I take my hat off to him.

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