Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Big Mistake?

I just had the most fucked up experience, and it has rattled me. Sure, up until now this whole whore thing has been a fun little game, but I wonder if I've just totally screwed up.

My phone rang. My real phone, not my filth phone. I thought it might be the agency I left a message with so answered the private number. It was a guy who asked what my rates were.

I was so confused. It didn't help that I've swapped my sim cards over so my normal phone now, used to be my filth phone. I actually took the phone away from my ear to check which one I was using. It was the day-to-day phone.

I thought I best play dumb. Could be a wrong number. Someone looking for a house cleaner for all I know. So I asked him questions - what was he ringing about, what rates? Sure enough he answers all of my questions correctly. He's ringing for the rates for a BBW escort. We had chatted/communicated about a month ago according to him.

For some reason this calmed me and I answered all of his questions. My first real life phone call with a potential client, even though I have avoided it for months. I did okay at selling myself and sounding professional. Then he asked for details - more and more details. My gut instinct said something was wrong.

So again, I asked him to repeat how he got my phone number, what he email address was and asked him to email me our previous conversations before we discussed anything else.

I searched all of my email archives for his email address. I even did a search on my real phone number. Trying to figure out if I fucked up and gave it to someone. But nothing. I emailed the address he gave me. It bounced.

Now I'm analysing everything I've done over the past few months. I've admitted on my real phone the BBW escort stuff! Fuck, Fuck. And I can't figure out any possible way that I gave out that number. So either I've made some mistake somewhere, OR..someone has seen my ads and thought it might be me in reallife and called my reallife number (or got someone to call it) to see if they can confirm I'm really hooking.

Either way I'm freaking out slightly. If I made such a basic mistake how on earth can I live two lives without this stuff happening again?? And what if it was someone put up to make the call? All I can think about is how my mother would react.

Deep breath. Deep breath.

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