Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad move #5

Given business has been a bit slow I did some cold-calling last night. No, not totally cold. Warm-calling. Is that a sales term? I emailed some potential clients that hadn't gone through with bookings for whatever reason - unable to confirm a time, waiting for an influx of cash, couldn't unlock their balls from whatever jar they were kept in ;-)

No luck.

I also contacted the clients I have seen with a nice little, "love to see you again" type email. No pressure. Just a reminder that I exist.

#5 wrote back. What a dimwit. He said and I quote,"I don't get paid till Monday. But would you come over tonight for free?"

I don't even know WHERE to start with this. Imagine asking your dentist to work for free. Or mechanic. Just cause you don't have money. Why would they? What's the pay off for them?

If he'd at least been arrogant enough to claim to offer something in return - like mindblowing orgasms and hard fucking like no one has ever done before - well, at least I'd give him points for effort and ego.

But no. No pay off. Just wants me to drive across the other side of town for no reason.

It made my blood boil because he'd been sooo bad in bed. He was the Sex Aerobics guy. I knew that by cuming by accident I was probably giving him the wrong idea about his performance - and that email was the proof.

It was evidence that guys sometimes really aren't that bright. That he'd really convinced himself during his fifteen-minute-sex-with-a-callgirl-session that we had something amazing - so amazing I'd want it for real. He's a fool, or I'm a great actor, or maybe both.

So I replied with a cold, "Sorry. I don't do freebies."

Then I jumped onto a sex hookup site where I presented myself as just another gal wanting some NSA sex. Took the first decent offer - had the guy over, and well, did a freebie, for all intents and purposes.

My thoughts were kind of like, Huh, that'll show #5 who has the power to grant access to my cunt for free. Me, it's all Me. Mwah-ha-ha. And I don't pick you.

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