Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to the Beginning

I know I've kinda jumped right into this blog with a story about #5. I've been jotting down notes, and emailing some of my friends my adventures over the past few months, and they are all fascinated. So I thought I'd start to blog about it instead. So it doesn't really have an order.

I don't think my friends are fascinated in the train-wreck way, but more in a "what on earth is she doing NOW" kinda way. I've always got crazy projects on the go - and the whoring is no different. I'm using my Internet skills, my business skills, my love of sex and my size-acceptance to trial escorting.

So far I'm having a ball. It's been a steep learning curve sure, but I actually enjoy my work!

I have several theories about why I'm doing this. One of the theories is just cause I love sex.

Another theory is that in my real relationships I've always been such a giving personality that I've exhausted myself and given everything to someone who in the end didn't deserve it. So giving myself by the hour, in exchange for some great cash and some orgasms, seems a pretty good way of trying to figure out just how much I should give of myself and to whom.

Another theory - I've always been curious. When I was on Internet hook up sites just for casual sex I noticed that there was maybe 1-5% of the men who would just go absolutely NUTS over my looks and my size. The guys that love BBW were so vocal about their preference that I wondered indeed if there was an untapped market for paid BBW work!

My theory seems to be panning out. So far I've fielded over 150 inquires from men. I've made appointments for probably 15 of them. Only six have followed through. I'm darn picky. And some of the men must be complete wusses to chicken out at the last moment after all of the hoops I make them jump through.

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