Monday, December 15, 2008

Agency Work??

This is getting boring. The managing my own business stuff. Another few fuckwits this week - one made a booking, confirmed it, and then just as I'm getting ready to drive over tries to negotiate a much lower price. Idiot. I was furious so didn't visit. And then he spent some time begging me to reconsider after having tried to wheedle extra favours and less money.

Next one I thought was a set-up. Late night booking - generous, lots of hours. Just gut feeling it was some kid living a fantasy Pretty Woman style. I got all school teachery on his ass in the second email and ran him through my safety protocols and the million ways he'd be in trouble if he was joking. No surprise there he ran away. Too bad if it happened to have been a real client. But I doubt it. Maybe it was someone who just wanted to be ranted at as a turn on.

Then out of the blue I got a friendly email from a new agency. I'd answered their ad ages ago, at the launch of their website. I'd just figured they had no interest in BBW gals like the rest of the high end places. Turns out that their launch has been delayed instead, and googling the email address from the reply it seems it belongs to a working girl. I think that's positive. Maybe she's just starting her own place.

I wrestled for hours with the idea of calling. I hate phone calls at the best of times - to any stranger. I don't know why. But I had a list of questions from some government website on "Questions to Ask if You Consider Working for an Agency/Brothel". Funny stuff.

I was so nervous. Like back at uni when I got my first job as a dishwasher girl. I was okay doing my little job for two hour shifts. But I looked in awe at the girls who worked 3 - 5 hour shifts. And I was jealous of the girls who used the deep fryers and cut up the salad. And I really wanted to be the one to serve the breakfasts. I never thought I'd be able to do their jobs.

That's how it feels considering agency work. Like - sure, I can see one client, maybe two in a day and be fine on my own now. But - could I cope with more than that? Could I cope with someone else picking the clients for me? Would I *really* feel like I was in the "sex work industry" if I take the next step, rather than the dabbling I'm doing now?

I still don't know. I made the phone call and I got an answering machine.

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