Friday, December 5, 2008

Client #6

I'm finally almost up to date with my stories. It's been an orgy of writing to get my last few months down on the page. I plan to keep blogging though as these adventures unfold...

Client #6 was only a few days ago. He had cancelled twice before so I didn't actually think he would follow through when he popped up on line asking if I was free in the next few hours.

That's the thing about doing whoring part time with a realjob. I'm not often free on demand, and need to plan. But men don't want to plan - they want to go where their penii take them, and waiting for an appointment be damned!

But I happened to be free, so I replied - madly jumping in the shower to shave my legs and depersonalise my bedroom and give the effortless appearance of part-time lover, calmly awaiting pleasure.

He was as I expected - there are less surprises now that I have my system in place. A nice, lonely, computer IT dude who would have any number of girlfriends if he ever bothered to get out of the house.

We made out like school kids, slowly taking our clothes off, and then he went down on me. It was nice - not earth-shattering, but lovely. I came - and he was so turned on by that, and his own hand, that he came too. In the first five mins. Without any touching from me. Hey, I've told you before than my Jay is easy and it's also pretty selfish at times.

We fell back to cuddle and after ten minutes of chatting I asked if he had any other requests for round two. "Can we just keep talking?" was his question.

So we did. I felt a bit odd that we were laying there wasting good fucking time by chatting. Then I figured he needed to blow off steam and unwind, and have someone ask about his work, and his week. It was the true GFE. I even let him stay a few minutes overtime for free, in the hopes of leaving such a good impression he may become a regular.

At least I'll be able to practice my active listening skills.


  1. I've noticed that they often want to talk, which is a lot easier than giving a blowjob.

  2. guys really do sometimes pay for faux intimacy. wow.